ACB Angels Memorial Tribute

Listen to On the Other Side, sung by Dan Dillon in remembrance of, and tribute to, his late wife Brenda.

The ACB Angels Memorial Tribute is an opportunity for ACB members and friends to honor their loved ones and guide dogs who have passed on and who played an important role in the American Council of the Blind, its affiliates, and/or its members.

The memorial includes a permanent, individualized page on the ACB website. The name of your ACB Angel will become the title of your new tribute web page to help people find it easily through the major search engines such as Google and Bing. The page will feature a photo and a personalized biography of your loved one.  Adding your ACB Angel's compelling story will insure that his/her memory will live on within our ACB family.

In addition, a Wall of Angels will be displayed at future ACB conferences and conventions. This display will consist of a plaque with large print and braille representing each memorialized person or guide dog.

Donations begin at $500. Participate by choosing the Make an ACB Angels Memorial Tribute Gift link, or contact our Minnesota Office at 612-332-3242 for assistance.

What a wonderful way to preserve the memories of those you love and share them with the world!