Helping to Build and Inspire Leaders

Read comments from the recipients of the ACB and J.P. Morgan Chase Leadership Fellows and Durward K. McDaniel First Timers after their attendance at the 2018 ACB Conference and Convention in St. Louis, MO.


Becky Dunkerson

It truly was an honor and an experience that I will treasure forever.   The convention provided me with a different perspective of what leadership is and showed me more about ACB and the convention itself. 

The DKM reception was very nice and it was awesome to see a room full of past winners and to talk with some “old timers” of the committee.


Nicholas McNeill

During the leadership oriented workshops, I learned not only of leadership improvement traits but how to implement and use them in scenarios that have happened, or could potentially occur, in my direct personal experience. I found them to be one of the most interesting aspects of my trip.

(Listening to) speakers who are making and influencing a positive impact on and for the Visually Impaired community was one of the many aspects to the General Sessions, which I very much enjoyed.


Debra Trevino

This leadership award has been a wonderful learning opportunity and it will help me to become a better leader, both locally and nationally in ACB. 

One highlight of the week was to personally thank the JPMC representatives and explain why this honor is so important to me and my state chapter as we work to become a dynamic part of ACB.  You may be sure that I will invest my leadership skills in ACB at every future opportunity! 


Debbie Rozear

All the things I learned over the week, have helped to lead me to more success and leave the convention with tools for a smooth transition back into my work and elected offices in outside activities.

Since returning home, there has already been some opportunities to share some of the things I have learned at the convention.


Michael Talley

I was truly inspired to take a bigger role in ACB on a national level. First, I was nominated and elected to the RSVA Board. Then, I was nominated and elected to the American Council of the Blind Board of Directors.

I believe in servant leadership and I am humbled to be able to serve on the National RSVA and ACB Boards. The JP Morgan Chase Leadership Fellow scholarship opened the door and created an opportunity to have a greater impact on blind and visually impaired people across this great country! 

It has truly been a blessing and has had a positive impact on my life! I am so proud of the American Council of the Blind and JP Morgan Chase! Thank you for helping to build and inspire leaders!


Darian Slayton Fleming

I attended several leadership specific events including Grassroots Advocacy where we talked about clarifying the need for which you wish to advocate, the values at the root of the need and the threat that is posed if the need is not met.  This message, among others, will help identify the target audience your specific message and the barriers that must be overcome through advocacy.

This easily led me to sessions on how to promote the need for prescription labeling.

Whether you would be a first-timer or repeat attender, I strongly encourage you to consider attending an ACB conference. It will make a difference in your life, and you may learn something that will help you make a difference to someone else.