'Where's My Braille Forum?'

Have you been missing your "ACB Braille Forum"?  The summer issues were published electronically. Below are the tables of contents from the June, July and August issues.  These issues of the Forum are available on www.acb.org/. You can also find them on the NFB Newsline for at least a month after the issue has gone out.  If you would like a hard copy (large print or braille) of an article, contact Sharon Lovering at the ACB national office, 1-800-424-8666, or via e-mail, slovering@acb.org.
If you aren't an e-mail subscriber, but would like to be, go to www.acb.org/mailman/listinfo/brailleforum-L. Type in your e-mail address and name in the boxes where it asks for them.
For your information, the October issue will be electronic; November (the convention review issue), hard copy; and December, electronic.

June 2013

President's Message: Will There Ever Be A Unified Organized Blind Movement?, by Mitch Pomerantz
Looking for a Few Good Advocates, by Melanie Brunson
Countdown to Convention, by Janet Dickelman
The Candidates' Page Is Back!
The Universe Can Be Yours at the Exploration Party Auction
Nearing the Finish Line: Show Your Support for the 5th Annual ACB Walk!, by Rebecca Bridges
Extra, Extra! Convention Newspaper Now Seeking Volunteers
Affiliate News
Committee News
Summary of the Midyear Board Meeting, by Paul Edwards
No Easy Answers for Long-Term Care, by Ron Pollack
Will We Ever Gain Access to Game Consoles?, by Anthony James
Apathy or Advocacy: Which Shall We Choose?, by Larry P. Johnson
Letter to the Editor
A Dream Come True: 'Roots, Reflections, and Role Models,' by Sila Miller
Here and There, edited by Sharon Strzalkowski
High Tech Swap Shop
Pears, by John Lee Clark

July 2013

President's Message: A Turn of the Page, by Mitch Pomerantz
ACB Information Access Committee Chair Testifies before Senate HELP Committee, by Melanie Brunson, with Eric Bridges and Brian Charlson
2013 Conference and Convention: Discovering How to Stay in Touch, by Janet Dickelman
World News and Information Now Available on ACB Radio, by Marlaina Lieberg
Remembering Janiece, by Peter Altschul
Readers' Memories of Janiece Petersen Kent
In Memory of Patricia La France Wolf, A True Friend, by Teddie-Joy Remhild
Readers' Memories of Pat Wolf
Update from GDUI on Guide Dog Schools
Can Medicare Save Money for Beneficiaries & Taxpayers Alike?, by Ron Pollack
How to Encourage Newly Blind Individuals That It's OK to be Blind, compiled by Ardis Bazyn
Repeated Interaction Is the Best Way to Understand Disabled, by Larry P. Johnson
It's What You Do with What You Got, by Carl Jarvis
Paddling for a Cure, by Sharon Lovering
The If/Then Promise, by Marilyn Brandt Smith
Affiliate News
Letter to the Editor
Here and There, edited by Sharon Strzalkowski
High Tech Swap Shop

August 2013

ACB Announces Election of Its First Woman President
Changes to Come in the ACB National Office, by Melanie Brunson
A Fond Farewell to Columbus, by Janet Dickelman
American Council of the Blind Announces Audio Description Awards, by Joel Snyder
The PR Committee's Affiliate Brochure Contest … And the Results!, by Sharon Lovering, Gaylen Floy, and Sara Conrad
Weight Watchers Announces Accessibility Initiative for Blind and Visually Impaired Members
Landmark Decision A Victory for All Blind Canadians, by Donna J. Jodhan
Different Views: Don't Let Blindness Rob You, by Ernest Jones
Beyond Basic Medicare: Understanding Medicare Supplemental Coverage, by Ron Pollack
If It's Not Broke, Why Fix It? The State of Our Guide Dog Training in the U.S., by Dan Kysor
In Memoriam: Leroy Johnson, Oct. 6, 1936-June 14, 2013
Affiliate News
Letter to the Editor
Here and There, edited by Sharon Strzalkowski
High Tech Swap Shop