Macular Degeneration Indoor Navigation

Thanks to a generous donation from MD Support and their partner Macular Degeneration Foundation, indoor navigation technology will be available once again to attendees at this year's ACB conference and convention in Minneapolis.  The guidance system works by sending audible instructions and location descriptions to iDevices (iPhone 4S or later and iPad 4 or later).  The information is electronically transmitted by beacons placed at meeting rooms, restrooms, elevators, and other venues.

If you are planning to use MD Support's new LowViz Guide at this year's convention, you'll need to know your Apple Store ID and password in order to download the LowViz Guide.
 You may download it ahead of time if you wish, but remember, it will operate only in the convention environment.  To download the app, receive additional information or step-by-step instructions, visit

Dan Roberts, Director, MD Support, will discuss the wayfinding system during Monday morning's general session.  You can also hear from Dan on Sunday afternoon at 2:00 PM at the GPS and Paratransit seminar presented by EAC and Transportation Committee; cost $6.