In Memoriam: Maurice Lagrand Richardson

The blind community of the Old Dominion is greatly saddened by the demise of Maurice Lagrand Richardson, age 58, who departed this life Jan. 22, 2014.  He is survived by his sister, Barbara Jones; three brothers, Murley Richardson, Eugene and Ronald Baugh; and three sons, Theo, Mandel and Devin.  He leaves many relatives and devoted friends to mourn his passing.
Maurice was a graduate of the Virginia State School for the Deaf and Blind in Hampton, Va.  He served in several capacities in the Old Dominion Council chapter in Richmond, Va.  Our friend was a strong and relentless advocate for blind rights. He worked tirelessly to promote legislation for the advancement of the blind nationally, and in the Old Dominion.
Maurice was the last president of the Richmond chapter before it disbanded.  He allocated the remaining funds of the chapter for several scholarships to educate eligible blind college students. 
Maurice was a great general who rallied his blind troops to win battles.  He fostered entrepreneurship in Virginia Industries for the Blind as a vendor in the 8th Street office building, the Department of Corrections Center, and the federal building. His last vending stand/snack bar was located in the Division of Motor Vehicles, Richmond, Va.
He never said no to any of us who needed assistance.  Maurice's life began to take a turn for the end recently.  He loved his work and customers, and was taken by ambulance from his vending stand on that final fateful day. 
We have surely been entertained by an angel in disguise.  Farewell for now, our beloved angel brother.
- Rosetta Brown