Kids and Families

There are many activities interesting to kids and parents throughout convention week. The exhibit area, the Youth Activity Center (YAC) for kids 6 to 17, and many of the tours provide opportunities for blind and visually impaired children to experience a fantastic convention week; see the YAC and Tours sections of this program for more details.

Many of the workshops and seminars, as well as the general and special-interest affiliate program sessions, address topics of concern to parents. Examples of such options include career programs and workshops and a job fair (check the ACB Employment Issues section and special-interest agendas); technology updates and training sessions; special seminars on rehabilitation, transportation, and schools for the blind; and much more.

If you need child care services for younger children or during evening hours when the YAC is closed, check with the hotel concierge for local service referrals. Fees are usually based on age and number of children.