Join the Honor Roll of ACB Life Members

by Charles S.P. Hodge

While the famous cherry blossoms are now in bloom here in the Washington, D.C. area as I sit down to write this article, my thoughts turn to ACB's upcoming national conference and convention to be held this summer in Reno, Nev. This will be ACB's 50th anniversary party, and I know that the convention coordinating committee and the convention program committee are planning some special presentations to honor ACB's pioneering founders and to look with pride at our current accomplishments, and then to our visionary future with confidence and enthusiasm. If you have never attended an ACB national conference and convention, this is the annual convention you ought to attend. 

I turn now to the real focus of this piece. I respectfully urge individuals to seriously consider becoming a life member in this historic anniversary year. For affiliates, I ask you to think about whether there is among your membership an individual who deserves to be recognized as an ACB life member. Now, life membership dues are admittedly pretty steep at $1,000, but such dues may be paid in as many as five annual installments. As the result of a recent policy change adopted by the ACB board of directors, an individual paying life membership dues on an installment plan will receive a certificate, suitable for framing, as an ACB life member pledge; however, a life membership plaque will only be awarded after dues have been paid in full. This is the time to join the honor roll of life members in this very special anniversary year for ACB! Don't hesitate; now is the time for individuals to act affirmatively and step up to the plate to become a life member, and for affiliates to recognize and honor their deserving members with life membership! For more information about life membership, contact Lane Waters at (612) 332-3242 or