Free Indoor Wayfinding at ACB 2015: What You Need to Know Ahead of Time

Thanks to a donation from Macular Degeneration Support and Macular Degeneration Foundation, there will be audible directional beacons at the Sheraton to assist convention attendees in locating meeting rooms, restrooms and elevators.  Dan Roberts has provided the following information.
If you are planning to use MD Support’s new LowViz Guide at this year’s convention, here is what you need to know to get ready for it.
First, realize that it is accessible only through iDevices at this time. Those include iPhone 4S or later and iPad 4 or later. The application has been designed for iOS for the purposes of this year’s beta testing, and the developers are considering expanding to Android in the future if the demand justifies it.
Second, it is important that you know your Apple Store ID and password in order to download the LowViz Guide. You may download it ahead of time if you wish, but remember, it will operate only in the convention environment. Here is where you can find the free download link, along with more information and step-by-step instructions for using the app:
Finally, with so many people expected to use this audio technology, MD Support highly recommends that you bring earbuds. The app can be quite a chatterbox as it provides directions and information, so let’s be kind to the ears of those around us.
LowViz Guide developer Dan Roberts is excited about the accessibility opportunities the app will provide. “For the first time ever,” he says, “blind and low-vision attendees will actually be on a level playing field with their fully sighted peers. The only difference might be the bigger smiles on their faces!”