Don't Miss the 2011 FIA Showcase and Cabaret

This year at the 2011 conference and convention in Reno, FIA plans to capitalize on the unique opportunity of having a nightclub, complete with stage, lighting, and tiered seating for up to 2,000. This will be the venue for the 2011 FIA showcase, shortened to around 18 acts with no intermission. Following this, we are premiering the FIA Cabaret! Read details below, and make plans to come and join the fun.

Traditional FIA Showcase. If you want to audition for the Showcase, come to the FIA Sunday afternoon mixer and sign up for an audition slot. As usual, we encourage new talent. For the Showcase this year, we plan to feature more traditional acts including acoustic instrumentalists, classical numbers, poets and storytellers. Of course, the band is available if more suitable for your performance. If you are planning a number with the band, sign up for a rehearsal slot on Monday morning from 9 a.m. to noon. Otherwise, sign up for an
audition slot from 3:30 to 5:30 on Monday afternoon. 

All rehearsals and auditions will take place in the nightclub. Following the auditions, we will make decisions about the more formal Showcase. Please know that because of the reduced number of acts, we may not have room for everyone who auditions. Lighthearted and up-tempo numbers may be better suited for the Cabaret. Please be assured that if you are not picked for the Showcase, it doesn't mean you've been "sent home;" it means we just couldn't fit you in.

Cabaret. Following the Showcase, there will be a short pause to allow those who have other commitments to make their exit. During this time, feel free to step over to the bar, which we understand is right outside the nightclub door, obtain your beverage of choice, and come back to enjoy the Cabaret. This is your chance to belt out that blues song you've always loved but no one has ever heard you sing, or try out your standup comedy routine or jam with the band. And yes, the band will be ready and willing to back you up on your chosen tune, or you can make your debut at the nine-foot grand piano we will have at our disposal. During the evening, the band will serve up a couple of tasty treats, and you'll also hear from some of your favorite performers from past Showcases. However, we truly want to encourage those who have not performed in the Showcase because of busyness or shyness. There will be no anxiety-producing audition, and no formal signing up. We will, however, appreciate the traditional five-minute time limit so that we can accommodate as many performers as possible. If you prefer, just sit and enjoy the show, and cheer the performers on! 

But wait, there's even more: you just might be lucky enough to win one of our door prizes! You will be given a number when you turn in or purchase your ticket at the door, and if you are present when your number is drawn, you could receive old-time radio CDs and DVDs, a Dick Hyman jazz CD collection, software from IRTI, a product from Maxi-Aids, an iPod Nano, and much more!

We know that we're going out on a limb here, and to make this really work, we need all of you. As you fill out your pre-registration in May, include a Showcase ticket which will automatically entitle you to a Cabaret ticket. Both can be purchased at the registration desk before Tuesday night at a reduced price, or they will be available at the door. 

Through these very different performance opportunities, we hope to give as many of you as possible a chance to really shine! So come, bring along your cheering section, get up there on stage and strut your stuff, and above all, have lots of fun at the 2011 FIA Showcase/Cabaret in Reno!