Introducing the 2019 Leadership Fellows

As ACB approaches its 58th annual conference and convention, we continue to place more emphasis as an organization on investing in the development of new leadership talent for the future. Tremendous thanks to the DKM First-Timers Committee for all their hard work interviewing the numerous candidates and helping to select the recipients. A special grant from JPMorgan Chase (JPMC) permits ACB to continue to offer a program which will bring five ACB members with recognized leadership potential to this year’s convention in Rochester, NY.

Donna K. Browning is from Alexandria, Virginia. She serves as the vice president of NOVA (Northern Virginia Council of the Blind), as second vice president of ACB of Virginia, and chairs the communications committee, which oversees development of the website and social media presence. Within her community, Donna has served on the Commission on Persons with Disabilities for the city of Alexandria, Virginia, assisted in setting up a Spanish library at one of the local children’s hospitals, as well as, serving in her religious community in various ways.

Rosemarie Facilla is from Muskegon, Michigan. She has a master’s degree in social work and is now enjoying retirement. Having been a longtime ACB member, she has held nearly every position in her chapter, served as second vice president of Michigan Council of the Blind and Visually Impaired, and currently serves as president. Rosemarie was instrumental in starting a phone chapter to better connect at-large members to the organization. She believes that a leader utilizes skills of members in the organization to move the affiliate forward, as well as, prompting the sharing of innovative ideas to ensure the health and growth of the organization.

Donald L. Kalman is from Medina, Ohio. He served his local community as a volunteer fireman for 18 years. He was instrumental in getting audible traffic signals installed at four intersections in his hometown. He made his mark when he initiated a used CCTV loaner program for visually impaired people in the community and throughout Ohio. He has held several positions on the local and state level and commits to offering to assist wherever needed.

Rachel Schroeder is from Springfield, Illinois. She is employed as an Assistive Technology Specialist with the Illinois Assistive Technology Program and currently holds the office of president of the Illinois Council of the Blind. She has membership in several special interest affiliates and serves on the ACB’s Women’s Concerns Committee, along with service on a variety of committees on all levels of the organization.

Amanda Selm is from Louisville, Kentucky. She is a proud mother and wife, and holds a bachelor of science degree in interdisciplinary early childhood education from the University of Kentucky, and currently works as an independent beauty consultant with Mary Kay Inc. She is a founding member of the Kentucky Council of the Blind Next Generation chapter and also serves as secretary and shares her talents by serving on the KCB board of directors. As chair of the ACB Next Generation Committee, Amanda plans to use this opportunity to expand her horizons within ACB and to assist other young members to do the same.