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Volume XLIV June 2006 No. 9
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The American Council of the Blind
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Melanie Brunson, Executive Director
Sharon Lovering, Editor
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Washington, DC 20005
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American Council of the Blind


That All May Read ... Except Those Who Read Braille, by Christopher Gray
Speaking of Convention ..., by Melanie Brunson
In Memoriam: Rob Hubbard, by Earlene Hughes
Last-Minute Convention Details, by Carla Ruschival
Hospitality Committee Seeks Your Assistance
ACB Constitution and Bylaws Amendments Reminder, by Ray Campbell
Employment Issues Committee to Focus on What Employers Look For in Applicants, by Mitch Pomerantz
CCLVI Offers Stimulating Convention Program
Coming Attractions in Jacksonville
IVIE Update, by Ardis Bazyn
The LUA Perspective, by Barry Levine
NABT Convention 2006, by Carla Hayes
Guide Dogs for the Blind Lets You Test Drive a Guide Dog
Skip the Soda and Buy a Life Membership Instead!, by Charles S.P. Hodge
Making Tomorrow Look Brighter Today in ACB! Featuring Frank Welte, by Ronald E. Milliman
Membership Focus, compiled by Ardis Bazyn
Here and There, by Susan Lichtenfels


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Due to an editing error, the paragraphs concerning dog food orders ("Guide Dog Users, Inc. National Convention 2006 -- Ready or Not!," May 2006) were out of order. They should have read as follows:

For convention attendees who wish to order dog food in Jacksonville, there are two suppliers.

If you are a Petsmart shopper, GDUI has made arrangements with a local branch where you may order your food. Petsmart asks that orders be placed no later than June 8 to insure that your brand of food will be in stock. Phone (904) 997-1335 and ask for Heather.

Pet Supplies sells holistic natural foods such as Innova, Wellness, California Natural, Solid Gold, Pinnacle, Natural Life, Chicken Soup, and Natural Balance. Orders must be placed no later than June 20. Call (904) 262-8111 and ask for Dick or Dave.

All dog food orders should be made using a credit card, and you must identify your order as being a part of the guide dog users group order. Dog food can be picked up in the GDUI suite between noon and 4 p.m. on Sunday, July 9.

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