by Ronald E. Milliman

Why participate in the Monthly Monetary Support Program? ACB member Frank Welte, of San Carlos, Calif., has a number of reasons.

"As I considered the controversies and challenges that our organization has gone through in the last few years, I came to believe that most of our problems were ultimately caused by disagreements over the allocation of scarce financial resources," he stated. "The key to overcoming these challenges is to provide the organization with sufficient funding to fully implement the projects that we, the membership, have delegated to it. Because ACB is a membership organization of blind people, I think all of us are responsible for the health of ACB. That means each of us needs to do his or her fair share to help support the organization financially.

"That's why I participate in the ACB Monthly Monetary Support program. It's my way of showing my support for the American blind community in a way that really counts: with my dollars. If each of us gave as little as $5 or $10 each month, ACB would have over $2 million in annual membership contributions, more than enough money to fully fund all of ACB's advocacy, education and outreach programs, even before we saw our first dollar of thrift store earnings. If we all participate in the MMS program, we will see ACB greatly expand its ability to advocate on our behalf with government and with industry. ACB will also be able to expand the information and outreach provided through 'The Braille Forum,' ACB Radio and its other programs."

If you are not already a participant in the MMS Program, the MMS Program Committee urges you to become a contributor right away. Make the monthly contribution that is comfortable for you personally. Help fund our national programs and your affiliate with whatever monthly amount you can afford. To get started, call the ACB financial office at 1-800- 866-3242 and have a form sent to you, or access the forms on the web site, If you have any questions about the MMS Program, you can reach me via e-mail, [email protected], or call me at (270) 782-9325.

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