Women's Concerns Committee

Lori Scharff, NY, Chair
(516) 887-1336
lorischarff@gmail.com or loris1@optonline.net
Ann Brash, IL
Cheryl Cumings, MA
Mary Ellen Frost, ME
Gretchen Maune, MO
Donna Pomerantz, CA
Linda Porelle, CA
Rachel Schroeder, IL
Leslie Spoone, FL
Board Liaison: Katie Frederick, OH
Staff Liaison: Kelly Gasque, VA

The purpose of the Women's Concerns Committee is to address the unique needs women who are blind are faced with in their daily lives. Currently this is done through several program sessions during the annual ACB conference and convention. Topics covered are health issues, physical fitness, self-image and more. In addition, the committee has formed a monthly telephone support group for women who are blind and are coping with breast cancer. This support group is facilitated by two licensed social workers who are blind, one of whom has also had breast cancer.

This web page was last updated July 1, 2016.