Riding with Joy

From early childhood, Jack Wood found true joy while on the back of a horse.  Traveling to his grandparents’ farm, Jack quickly grew to love the beauty, grace and kindness he found in these magnificent creatures.
Jack says, “[I] love the thrill of getting on a 1,000-pound animal and controlling it completely.  The thrill of leading a group of new riders on another adventure through the wild never gets old or tedious.”  This joy of freedom is compounded by the fact that Jack has been blind since birth.  This passion has led Jack to build a company called “Unbridled Joy” that provides therapeutic riding lessons for those who are visually impaired, autistic or have muscular dystrophy.
While his business grew, Jack was plagued with injuries and challenges that came from unseen obstacles on horseback, resulting in an all-too-often bloody face from a low-hanging tree branch.  After one too many of these occurrences, Jack looked into assistive technology for a solution and came across Sonar Glasses by G-Technology Group. Using sonar technology to detect nearby objects, the glasses allowed Unbridled Joy to continue its mission with a fresh sense of security for its riders.
“The biggest misconception people have about Sonar Glasses is that you need strong mobility skills before effectively using the glasses, and that’s silly,” Jack said. “Sonar Glasses have changed the way I help people, and I use them on every ride.”
Today, Jack’s dream is a reality.  He welcomes any interested riders to visit and try his horseback-riding programs, located on a historic farm in Warrenton, Va. You can reach him by phone at (571) 606-5982, e-mail him at bljack1@earthlink.net, or visit his web site, www.unbridledjoy.org.
For more information about Sonar Glasses, contact Maggie McBride via e-mail, mmcbride@g-technologygroup.com.