by Ronald E. Milliman

I want to share with you one of the best deals on earth, a deal where you earn an almost incalculable, seemingly infinite return on your investment, and you can get in on this incredible deal for pennies a day, as little as only $10 per month. To put this amazing deal in perspective, you pay around $5.99 for a 12-pack of Pepsi or Coca-Cola, which is about 50 cents a can. No matter which soft drink you prefer, it runs about the same. Or maybe you prefer a cold beer. That will cost you from about 50 cents a can for something like Bud Lite to around $1 for a bottle of Corona or Heineken. So, if you were to give up one can of soda or one can of beer a day, you could easily and painlessly participate in this incredible deal.

Here is what you get in return for your small investment:

An entire staff devoting their lives to making your life better

A team working for you, protecting your rights

Your own representative in Washington, keeping a finger on legislation that would have an impact on your life and pocketbook

A family of friends who understand your daily challenges

A network of people and connections that can answer your questions about blindness, accessible technology, or almost anything else you need to know

Countless friends who are there for you when you need someone to lean on

An online radio system devoted entirely to you

A monthly publication available in whatever format that best meets your needs that is devoted 100 percent to you

Are you getting the picture? For a small investment per month in the ACB Monthly Monetary Support Program (MMS), you get all of this and more! What a deal!! Currently, our contributions run from 33 cents a day or $10 per month to up to $3.33 a day or $100 per month, with the average contribution of about $22.60 per month or a little less than 75 cents a day. I cannot think of anything else in which you can invest so little and get so much in return. Your return on your investment is almost infinite!

So, if you are not participating in the MMS Program, I strongly urge you to start as soon as possible! You can even split your contributions up between the ACB national organization and an affiliate of your choice. Up to 50 percent of your net contribution can be shared with any affiliate of your choosing. You can get started by going online and filling out the form at www.acb.org/mms.html. Or you can call our Minneapolis office at (612) 332-3242 and ask for Alisha Clauson. She will help you with the form and get you enrolled as a participant.

The amount can be taken automatically out of your bank account or charged to your credit card each month. You determine when your contributions begin and when they stop. You are in total control. You can make changes any time you wish.

No matter the size of your contributions, we value each dollar the same as every other dollar. So, get started today and take advantage of that huge return on your invested dollars!

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