by Dan Dillon

We as ACB members agree on a couple of fundraising issues. We agree that ACB very much needs increasing financial support to continue its great programs and services, and we also agree that ACB members only have so much money to contribute. No matter how dedicated we are to ACB, there is a limit to our individual funds.

The ACB Walk allows us to reach beyond our own personal resources to "bridge the gap" between ACB and our own community. By paying just $25 for your entry fee and signing up as either an onsite or as a virtual walker for the second annual ACB Walk, and then actively contacting your connections within your community to pledge their support for your participation, you can very effectively draw in support for ACB that would otherwise never occur. This gives family, friends, co-workers, advocacy partners, and others a double blessing -- they can honor their commitment to their relationship with you and give a tax-deductible contribution to a truly worthy organization. It could be that even some of them with strong connections in the community might choose to participate as either onsite or virtual walkers themselves and bring in support from their expanded circle of community contacts. A relative or friend who is actively involved in sports, a local biking or running club, college sorority or fraternity, working for a huge corporation, officer in a service club, etc., might just get involved if you plant the seed.

You are the "bridge" connecting ACB and your community and the world. Beyond seeking pledges from individuals, if you have a relationship with a company or business in your community who might be willing to consider a corporate sponsorship for the ACB Walk, this total can count toward the overall amount you raise. Medals and trophies will be awarded to individuals, teams and affiliates based on the amount raised. Please contact Brenda Dillon to get sponsorship levels and incentives for the walk. You may call her at (615) 874-1223 or e-mail her at

There are several options for signing up. You can call Alisha Clauson in the ACB Minneapolis office at (612) 332-3242 and she can assist you with your form. You can also sign up on our new web site at

If you have any further questions, please call Dan Dillon at (615) 874-1223 or e-mail him at

Remember: the first 100 people to sign up will be entered into a drawing for a special prize. Let's stop talking and start walking!

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