by Brenda Dillon

At the fall meeting of the ACB board of directors, it was decided to hold a benefit auction at our national convention in Minneapolis. With your support, this can be a fun way to raise funds for ACB.

We hope to get items from affiliates and local chapters, as well as from individuals. We can provide you with a sample solicitation letter. Items should be new, valued at a minimum of $25 and, when applicable, have an expiration date of Dec. 31, 2007 or later. Suggestions for donation categories include, but are not limited to: vacation packages with lodging, airfare, dining and entertainment; theme baskets -- all chocolate items, relaxation with CDs, scented candles, bubble bath, wine, one with talking gadgets, etc.; hand-made items such as woodworking, crocheted items, or baked goods; sports memorabilia; autographed celebrity items; gift certificates to stores, restaurants, catalog companies, etc.; adaptive technology items; collectibles; cruises; large and small appliances. Use your imagination and creativity and come up with other exciting options! It is not too soon to begin thinking of places to call upon for donations for this auction, as some companies make commitments regarding contributions early in their fiscal year.

You will be hearing more about this great event, but don't delay, spread the word now and let's get to work collecting some terrific items for our ACB Benefit Auction! If you have questions, contact Brenda Dillon, chair of the auction committee, at (615) 874-1223 or e-mail [email protected]

Show your support for ACB and help generate those much-needed dollars which will enable ACB to continue and expand the vital work it is doing!

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