Board of Publications Awards Your Excellence in 2012

The ACB board of publications proudly recognizes excellence each year with three awards.

The Ned E. Freeman Writing Award applies to articles published in either "The Braille Forum" or an affiliate publication and is awarded to the author of the chosen piece of work. Mastery of the craft of writing is a major consideration by the BOP. Interesting subject matter, originality in recounting an experience, and novelty of approach are also considered.

All articles published in "The Braille Forum" between April 2011 and March 2012 are automatically eligible for the Freeman Award. Articles published in state or special-interest affiliate publications within this time frame are also eligible if submitted by either the president or newsletter editor from that affiliate.  If submitting such an article for consideration, please include a cover letter noting the affiliate, publication name, date of publication, and a brief notation about the article. The article may be submitted in any format.

The Vernon Henley Media Award is presented to an organization, company, or person, either sighted or blind, who has made a positive difference in the press -- whether in radio, TV, magazines, newspapers or electronic media -- that may change public attitudes to recognize the capabilities of people who are blind, rather than focusing on outdated stereotypes and misconceptions. Programs and/or articles written and produced specifically for a visually impaired audience, as well as those intended for the general public, are eligible. Multiple articles or programs submitted by one author or organization will be judged as separate entries. Submissions such as books or recurring columns or blogs from the same person must include a letter of nomination, a synopsis, and no more than three sample chapters/columns/blogs. Incomplete submissions will not be accepted.

The Hollis K. Liggett Braille Free Press Award is intended to promote best journalistic practices and excellence in writing in publications of ACB's state and special-interest affiliates. All periodicals of ACB affiliates, distributed no less than semi-annually, are eligible to be considered. Periodicals must be submitted by the affiliate's newsletter editor or president, and must include the following:

1. Two issues of the affiliate's publication from the calendar year 2011, sent electronically and in hard copy in the format which the affiliate recognizes as the format which best represents its readership.
2. Answers to the following questions: A. How many members are in your affiliate? B. How often is your publication published per year? C. In what formats is your publication produced?

The BOP will take the submitted information into consideration as well as the following:
1. The number of contributing writers in a single issue;
2. The variety of information in each issue;
3. How well the publication portrays the affiliate;
4. The quality of writing throughout the publication; and
5. The overall layout and presentation of the publication.

Recipients of these awards for the last five years are ineligible to enter the contests. Members of the ACB national office staff, the board of directors, and board of publications serving during the awarding period are also not eligible.

Submissions for all awards must be received by Sharon Lovering at the ACB national office on or before April 15, 2012. Presentations will be made at the 2012 national convention. For more information about judging criteria, please consult the Board of Publications Policy Manual, found on the ACB web site.

Send all submissions with cover letter to: BOP Awards, American Council of the Blind, 2200 Wilson Blvd., Suite 650, Arlington, VA 22201, or e-mail