Come Race to Lead in ACB

by Ray Campbell

Get ready, get set, and we're off to the race to lead in ACB, our first ever National Leadership Training Institute.  This full-day event will be held on Friday, July 6, just prior to the conference and convention at the Galt House Hotel in Louisville, Ky.

There will be no horsing around during this race.  You'll have an opportunity to learn valuable leadership skills which will help you as you work in your local chapters, state or special-interest affiliates and at the national level.  Ever wondered how constitution and bylaws, resolutions and motions work together to govern an organization?  You'll find out during this event.  Have you ever asked just what is all that parliamentary procedure stuff all about anyway, and why is it important?  You'll learn from the best.  Having trouble helping your members to understand how important those boring things like fundraising are to our organization?  We'll help you.

The winners of this race to lead are all of you, ACB and its affiliates and local chapters.  This full-day event will give you a chance not only to hear from quality presenters, but also to discuss with each other leadership challenges and ideas to resolve them.

Do I have to place a bet to be in this race?  No, but you will need to pay $50 on the conference and convention registration form to participate.  This cost includes refreshments, lunch, and all training materials, including a valuable package of information you can take home to use and share with other budding leaders and members.  Not a bad investment for a full day of fun, interactive learning.

So if you want to head down the track toward becoming a strong leader, come join our race to lead in ACB on Friday, July 6.  You'll be glad you did.