Fabulous Florida And Georgia Vacation Packages Just A Bid Away!

Do you love to travel to historic places? Do you love the beach? Do you love to eat southern food? If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, then the Dock Party Auction is the place to be! The annual auction will be held on Wednesday evening, July 11th, and will feature fabulous vacation packages for Key West, Daytona, Orlando, and Savannah, Ga.  Remember to request your bidder number when you register for the conference and convention!  The auction preview begins at 6 p.m.; the auction begins at 7.  There will be food available for purchase, as well as a cash bar.

If you're donating an item to the auction, please act quickly.  June 15th is the deadline to provide your donation information to Cindy Van Winkle by e-mail or phone, cindy.vw@gmail.com, phone (360) 689-0827.  To ship any items ahead, please send to: Ms. Carla Ruschival, 148 Vernon Ave., Louisville, KY 40206; phone (502) 897-1472 (home) or (502) 303-7042 (cell).

Once Cindy has your donation description, you may bring your auction donations to convention and give them to the Information Desk.  The auction committee will pick them up and place under lock and key until the day of the auction.

We always need of volunteers to serve in various ways during the ACB convention, and the auction's no exception. These volunteers are worth their weight in gold. We'll need some volunteers to act as sighted guides, describers of items, and as spotters, as well as a few who can stay late to help with check-out at auction's end. If you would like to be a volunteer, please contact Sally Benjamin via e-mail, volunteers@acb.org. Or complete your volunteer form by going to www.acb.org. We really appreciate each of you who have volunteered in the past and hope you will consider volunteering again.  If you have any questions about the auction, contact Marsha Farrow at (706) 859-2624 or e-mail her, marshafarrow@windstream.net.

A steamboat load of fun is waiting just for you at the Dock Party Auction!