Resource Development Committee

Dan Dillon, TN, Co-Chair
Dan Spoone, FL, Co-Chair
H: (407) 678-4163
C: (407) 227-4489
Margarine Beaman, TX
Donna Brown, WV, (Walk Subcommittee Co-Chair)
Berl Colley, WA
Michael Garrett, TX
Mike Godino, NY, (MMS Sub-Committee Chair)
Kim Herbert, LA
George Holliday, PA
John McCann, VA
DeAnna Quietwater Noriega, MO
Donna Seliger, IA
Leslie Spoone, FL, (Auction & Special Events Subcommittee Chair)
David Trott, AL
Officer Liaison: Carla Ruschival
Staff Liaison: Tom Tobin

The Resource Development Committee oversees the fundraising activities of the American Council of the Blind. It searches for potential fundraising opportunities, and comes up with a plan as to how to pursue and coordinate these funding sources. It then presents these fundraising proposals to the ACB Board of Directors for their consideration and approval.

RDC Auction Sub-committee

Leslie Spoone, FL, (Auction Subcommittee Chair)
(407) 678-4163
Linda Allison, TN
Penny Crane, AZ
Marsha Farrow, GA
Zelda Gephard, ND
Kim Herbert, LA
Angelo Lanier, AR
Cindy Van Winkle, WA
Officer Liaison: Jeff Thom, CA
Staff Liaison: Lori Sarff, MN

RDC Holiday Auction Committee

Carla Ruschival, KY, Chair
(502) 897-1472
Keri Bishop, AZ
Brian Charlson, MA, Vice-Chair
Patti Cox, KY
Marlaina Lieberg, WA
Larry Turnbull, IL, (ACB Radio Manager)
Paula Wiese, KY
Staff Liaison: Lori Sarff, MN

RDC Monthly Monetary Support Sub-Committee

Mike Godino, NY, Chair
H: (516) 887-1336
C: (516) 695-6572

Kathy Brockman, WI
Kenny Maddox, MS
Jean Mann, NY
Dan Spoone, FL
Board Liaison: George Holliday, PA
Staff Liaison: Lane Waters, MN

RDC Special Events Sub-Committee

Leslie Spoone, FL, Chair

Donna Brown, WV
Dan Dillon, TN
Dan Spoone, FL
Board Liaison: David Trott, AL
Staff Liaison: Lane Waters, MN

RDC Walk Sub-committee

Donna Brown, WV Chair
H: (304) 822-4679
C: (304) 940-0292
Leslie Spoone, FL, Co-Chair
(407) 678-4163

Linda Allison, TN
Dan Dillon, TN
Katie Frederick, OH
Sarita Kimble, PA
Melvin Smith, MO
Robert Spangler, IA

Board Liaison: Dan Spoone, FL
Staff Liaison: Nancy Becker, MN

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