Public Relations Committee

Katie Frederick, OH, Chair
(419) 306-3721

Ardis Bazyn, CA
Ann Chiappetta, NY
Mike Duke, MS
Tom Mitchell, UT (Board of Publications Representative)
DeAnna Quietwater Noriega, MO
Ex Officio, Non-voting Members:
Annette Carter, CA (Website Administrator)
Brian Charlson, MA (ACB Radio Marketing Committee Liaison)
David Trott, AL (Board Liaison)
Sharon Lovering (Staff Liaison)

The mission and purpose of the PR Committee is to encourage and support the marketing and public relations efforts of the ACB on all levels. Such efforts and promotional campaigns are created to enhance public awareness of the capabilities of blind people, issues pertaining to blindness, the organization's accomplishments, and activities of the ACB nationally, and of its many affiliate's and chapter's. Since the ACB prides itself on being a grass-roots based organization, The primary emphasis, therefore, is on encouraging and supporting the promotional activities of ACB affiliates and chapters. This is accomplished by engaging in programs and projects designed to educate ACB affiliates and chapters on how to plan and execute their own marketing and public relation campaigns. The PR Committee may directly assist ACB on all levels in developing its PR and marketing efforts, including, but not limited to: creating educational materials, creating and distributing PR and marketing campaign materials such as media releases, public service announcements, etc.

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