Advocacy Update: Delta Policy Regarding Service Animals

Over the past week, ACB has received multiple calls concerning the new Delta policies regarding service and emotional support animals. The calls pertain to correspondence with Delta employees or contractors conveying misinformation to travelers with a guide dog. ACB has a direct line of communication with Delta management overseeing such policies, and we have made them aware that work still need to get done to assure that customer service agents are presenting accurate information following Delta’s revisions of service animal policies. They have responded, indicating that they are looking into the situation.
Beginning March 1st, Delta had instituted new policies regarding travelers using emotional support animals. Initially, in a January 18th news release, Delta announced the policy changes would impact both service and emotional support animals. After engagement from ACB and other stakeholders, Delta relaxed their policies on service animals. Below is a link to the most up-to-date Delta policy on service and support animals: 
In some cases, Delta may seek to enquire if an animal is up-to-date with their rabies vaccination. It is our understanding that this is not expected unless a need arises. In any case, it is a good exercise for any guide dog user to have their dog up-to-date on vaccinations and have a visible tag indicating such vaccination. We have been told the visible tags will count as appropriate verification.
If any issues arise while traveling that pertain to your equal rights as a traveler with a guide dog, request to speak with a Complain Resolutions Official (CRO), who are appropriately trained to respond to such issues. Please email me with any complaints that take place, and ACB will follow up with the airline and the Department of Transportation. I can be reached at:
Warmest Regards,
Anthony Stephens
Director of Advocacy & Governmental Affairs