PR Committee Seeks Your Successes

Has your affiliate or chapter conducted a particularly successful event, such as a membership drive, outreach activity or fundraiser, or perhaps a webinar or seminar?  If so, the PR committee wants to know about it.
We invite affiliates and chapters to submit a description of some type of successfully conducted event carried out by your affiliate or chapter. We especially encourage the kinds of events that involved the general public and contributed to public education about blindness, as well as raised funds to support your organization. Did your organization participate in a parade, or a fair, or create a video to help educate the public or conduct some kind of fundraiser, like a trivia night event or a chili supper or musical concert or some other type of special event?
If so, ACB's PR Committee is inviting you to submit a description of your event to be considered for special recognition in a session during the 2014 national conference & convention in Las Vegas. Your submission should be no more than 300 words. If the PR committee needs more information or detail, we will request it. Your submission should include such information as:

  1. The name of your organization
  2. What is the full contact information for the person or people we can contact if we need more information?
  3. What type of event was it?
  4. Describe the event.
  5. What was the target audience(s)?
  6. When and where did the event take place?
  7. What were your reasons or goals for conducting the event?
  8. To what extent were your goals achieved?
  9. How many of your organization's members assisted and/or participated in conducting your event?

We will carefully evaluate each submission and select the most outstanding, the most impressive, and the most unique for special recognition during the 2014 ACB national conference and convention in Las Vegas.
For more information, or to submit your event for consideration, contact Ann Chiappetta, PR affiliate recognition committee chair, by e-mail,, or call (914) 393-6605.