Leadership Training Sessions for 2014

Are you an emerging leader, just beginning to explore ways to get involved in committees or participate on your local chapter board?  Have you been involved in your local chapter, state or special-interest affiliate for a while, but need to learn some new leadership techniques, or fine-tune those you already have, so you can move to the next level? As you read this article, two regional training seminars and one national seminar are being planned for 2014.
The first regional seminar will be the Midwest leadership training seminar in St. Louis, Mo. Feb. 28-March 2. If you are interested in attending, please contact Jim Jirak, (402) 441-9566 or e-mail jjirak@inebraska.com, or Ray Campbell, (630) 258-0516 or e-mail ray1530@wowway.com, to learn more about it.
Can't make it to the Midwest seminar?  Then check your schedule for March 21-23, the dates for the Crossroads regional training seminar in Louisville, Ky.  It is sponsored by the Kentucky Council of the Blind.  If you are interested in attending it, the contact person is Carla Ruschival; call (502) 897-1472, or e-mail her, carla40206@gmail.com.
The national leadership training will be held in Las Vegas, Nev. on July 11.  There will not be a selection process like we had in 2012 in Louisville.  You will register for it on your convention pre-registration form.  The cost will be $75.  If you plan to attend, make plans to arrive in Las Vegas on Thursday, July 10th. More information will be available on this seminar in the spring.
- Berl Colley