January 2, 2008, Board Meeting Minutes

Minutes for the January 2, 2008 Board of Directors Teleconference Call
The meeting BEGAN AT 6:08 PM, PST. At roll call, all members except Billie Jean Keith and Naomi Soule were present. Ms. Keith joined the meeting soon after.

President Pomerantz reviewed the meeting agenda and after the addition of discussion of the holiday mailing and an update regarding Damar Travel, Mr. Bradley moved the agenda be accepted as amended; this motion carried.

Mr. Gray moved to approve the minutes for the Board of Directors meeting of October 13-14, and the October 29 teleconference call of the Board of Directors. The motion carried.

A motion by Mr. Trott that the Board move into Executive Session carried. The Board recessed at 6:17 PM.

The Board reconvened public session at 6:50 PM. Mr. Pomerantz reported that no action was taken during the Executive Session and that the Board heard an update from the Investment Committee, and after meeting with several investment firms, the Committee has made the selection of Dain Rauscher as our investment advisor. However, a resolution to authorize the persons to sign necessary documents was needed, and Mr. Waters read the resolution in public session. Ms. Lieberg moved adoption, the resolution was adopted, and A copy is attached to these minutes.

Mr. Waters presented the Board with the current costs for our annual audit, and has recommended that we change auditing firms. Mr. Waters has met with several auditing firms. After discussion and hearing Mr. Waters’ report on this issue, Mr. Gray moved that Larson Allen be appointed to conduct the 2007 audit for ACB and ACBES. The motion carried.

Resource Development Committee, David Trott
Mr. Trott advised that the Committee wishes again to direct the funds raised by its annual raffle to the Braille Forum. Tickets will sell for $50 each. Mr. Godino moved that the proceeds of this raffle be donated to the Braille Forum, and the motion carried.

Board Liaison to Internet Oversight Committee
Mr. Sheehan was unanimously elected to serve as the Board liaison to the Internet Oversight Committee.

ACB Holiday Mailing, Chris Gray
Mr. Gray reported that a mailing had been printed and sent to our membership requesting that they either consider becoming MMS members, or make a donation to ACB. Some Board members received the appeal, others did not. There was discussion of whether or not print copies should be included with Braille mailings, and it was felt that the Development Director who will be coming on Board would certainly be a valuable assistant in coordinating these details. Some Board members did not receive any appeal letter, and Mr. Gray will look into this matter. After discussion of the methodology used to determine who would receive Braille versus print revealed that the Braille Forum database was used to provide this information, it became clear that with the addition of e-mail and other like type media now being used, a new system would have to be developed for future mailings.

Damar Travel
Ms. Brunson reported that some payment has been received from Damar, and that she is still ironing other issues out with Damar. Ms. Brunson stated it would be her intention to resolve all issues with Damar by January 25. There was also concern expressed that ACB’s home page directs visitors to Damar for Convention and other travel. The Board felt that for the present, this should remain on the site but would be removed if other issues remain unresolved. President Pomerantz requested that Ms. Brunson speak with Damar, and that these issues be resolved by January 15, 2008. Ms. Brunson agreed to make every effort to do this, and to update the Board.

Mr. Pomerantz announced that after the Board meeting of February 8, a reception for the Board is planned from 9 to 11 PM.

Ms. Brunson reported that she has been contacted by an AER member, who stated that it appears there is some effort underway to close down the VI Teacher Training Program at Peabody Vanderbilt University. ACB has been asked to send correspondence to the University expressing concern about this possibility, and ask that the school not jeopardize the program because of the extreme personnel shortages that we are facing. Mr. Miller so moved, and requested that the words “strongly object” be used in the letter. The motion carried.

Mr. Pomerantz asked Mrs. Lieberg to get copies of the approved minutes to our webmaster, and she agreed to do so as well as to the National Office.

The meeting adjourned at 8:00 PM

Marlaina Lieberg
I, Marlaina Lieberg, do hereby certify that at a meeting of the Board of Directors of the American Council of the Blind, a corporation organized under the laws of the District of Columbia, held on the 2nd day of January, 2008 at which said meeting a quorum was present and voting throughout, the following resolution, upon motions made, seconded and carried, was duly adopted and is now in full force and effect:

RESOLVED, That the President, Treasurer, and Controller, be and they are hereby fully authorized and empowered to purchase, invest in, acquire, sell, assign, transfer, or otherwise dispose of any and all types and kinds of securities including but not limited to stocks, bonds, debentures, notes, rights, options, warrants, certificates of every kind and nature whatsoever; and to enter into agreements, contracts and arrangements with respect to such security transactions whether or with securities related individuals or agents; to execute, sign or endorse on behalf of and in the same agreements and to affix the corporate seal on same.

I further certify that the authority thereby conferred is not inconsistent with the Charter or By-Laws of this Corporation, and that the following is a true and correct list of officers of this corporation as of the present date:


Mitch Pomerantz President

Michael Godino Treasurer

Lane Waters Controller

In Witness whereof, I have hereunto set my hand and seal this _____ day of January, 2008


NO SEAL _________________________________________

(If no seal, certify that there is no seal) Secretary

(Or officer authorized to act)