Something to Crow About

by Ann Chiappetta

If your special-interest group, affiliate or chapter completed a successful project or outstanding marketing event in 2013, we'd like to hear about it. We are seeking nominees for the awards for most outstanding affiliate project or event.
This is your chance to receive some well-deserved kudos for your efforts. We all know how much work goes into planning and executing a successful event or outreach project, and we want to share your successes at the 2014 membership and PR workshop in Las Vegas. Once the project is done, quite often those who have volunteered the most receive little recognition for their efforts and simply go onto the next project. This is your chance to spread those wings of success and tell others about it and gain recognition for your efforts.
If, for instance, you completed a special project in which your ACB affiliate connected and engaged new members or even other important stakeholders outside your affiliate, we want to hear about it. Perhaps your chapter took part in White Cane Day or a disability awareness event, or coordinated a webinar or seminar. Maybe you utilized not only your e-mail list but also created a press release and posted it on Facebook, Twitter and sent it out to other media sources.
Did your event contribute to public education about blindness, raise funds to support your affiliate or chapter, or increase visibility within your community? Did your project or event promote your chapter or affiliate in the public eye in a positive and productive way? If so, the PR committee wants to know. We are inviting affiliates and chapters to submit a description of some type of successfully conducted event carried out by your affiliate or chapter in 2013.  Your initial submission should be a short description of no more than 300 words. In order to be considered by the committee, it must be received no later than May 1, 2014. If the committee needs more information or detail, we will request it. Your submission should include such information as:

  1. The name of your organization
  2. What is the full contact information for the person(s) we can contact if we need more information?
  3. What type of event was it?
  4. Describe the event; tell us about it.
  5. What was the target audience(s)?
  6. When and where did the event take place?
  7. What were your reasons or goals for conducting the event?
  8. To what extent were your goals achieved?
  9. How many of your organization's members assisted and/or participated in conducting your event?

We will carefully evaluate each submission and select the most outstanding, the most impressive, and the most unique for special recognition and to receive certificates of accomplishment during the 2014 ACB national conference and convention in Las Vegas.
All submissions must be received on or before May 1, 2014. For more information, or to submit your event for consideration, contact Ann Chiappetta by e-mail,, or call (914) 393-6605.