Affiliate and Committee News

Affiliate and Committee News
Membership Focus Calls in the New Year
On Sunday, Jan. 29, ACB’s membership committee will host the next “Membership Focus” conference call at 5 p.m. Pacific/8 p.m. Eastern. The topic will be: “How can your chapter or affiliate strengthen your personal outreach to your local community?” Many times we’ve focused on social media, websites, conventions, and conferences. However, personal outreach in your community may get better results. Join us by calling (712) 775-7000 and using passcode 640009#.
Looking ahead to spring, the next call will be held Monday, April 24 at 5:30 p.m. Pacific/8:30 p.m. Eastern. We’ll be discussing the benefits of ACB membership. Sometimes local members don’t realize all that ACB does for the community. This call will focus on how the national organization impacts us all.  The phone number and passcode are the same as above. Can’t make the call? Don’t worry! The call will be summarized in a subsequent issue of the Forum.
If you have membership-related questions or issues, contact ACB’s membership committee chair, Ardis Bazyn,
ACBDA’s Membership Campaign Kicks Off
I hope this finds everyone in the Christmas mood. Our membership/awareness committee has been busy this year. We have recently kicked off a brand-new membership campaign! We would like all of you to bring a new member into our great affiliate. This would be a good time to pay someone’s dues as a Christmas gift. Just think how this would increase our membership!
By the time you read this, you should have received your membership letter. A pre-addressed return envelope is included. All you need to do is include your check or money order, made payable to ACBDA, and put a stamp on the envelope. When sending your form in, whether for yourself or a friend, please be sure to include your full name, address, phone number, e-mail address, visual status (fully sighted, legally blind, totally blind, or visually impaired) and how you would like to receive the ACBDA newsletter. We hope all will renew and bring in a new person who has diabetes, a spouse, a friend, or someone who is interested in diabetes.
If you have any questions, contact Tom Jones, chair of the membership/awareness committee, at (708) 341-0450 or via e-mail, I hope you will all make this campaign a great success.
The fundraising committee is getting started on a new raffle, with the drawing being at the ACB convention in Reno in July. If you would like to help — and I hope there are many who will — contact Sandy Feldman at (515) 729-8427 or via e-mail, Tickets are $1 each, or six for $5. First prize is $100; 2nd prize, $75; and 3rd prize, $50.
Let’s make the membership campaign and the fundraising great successes. We can’t do it without your help.
Dee Clayton, president, ACB Diabetics in Action
Phone: (515) 848-5007