Bid It and Buy It at the ACB Radio Holiday Auction

Get in on the fun and bid and buy at the fifth annual ACB Radio Holiday Auction. It’s packed with incredible items that are guaranteed to create bidding frenzies. Techies will love the Amazon Fire Sticks, Bluetooth headphones, solar backpack, and computer messenger bag with power bank inside. Get cooking with grills and a big 5-quart Cook’s Essential air fryer. Snap up exquisite music boxes, jewelry, and a flash drive filled with a huge collection of old-time shows that comes with its own old-time radio. Your guide dog will love the large carry-all with dog toys and treats inside. Santa will visit when you hang handcrafted stockings for yourself and your doggie friend; and your dog will love you all year round when you win our collapsible dog kennel. Feast on holiday treats such as chocolates, bourbon balls, popcorn, fudge, cookies and muffins, breads and cakes. Collectibles, a handcrafted quilt — even an exercise program to help with that New Year’s resolution!
Two telephone numbers and multiple telephone lines will allow us to quickly take your bids. To bid on an item, listen for it to be announced on the air. Call 1-877-904-1080 or (502) 571-1080 to place your bid. If you receive a busy signal, hang up and try again. Please note that there are more local lines available, so you may wish to use the 502 number for bidding.
For a complete list of items plus auction details and rules, visit and follow the auction link. Then tune us in on, through ACB Link, or by calling (605) 475-8130 from any telephone on Sunday, Dec. 4, from 7 to 11 p.m. Eastern (4 to 8 p.m. Pacific).
Thanks for supporting ACB Radio.
— Carla Ruschival