Letter to the Editor

The contents of this column reflect the letters we had received by the time we went to press, March 26, 2018.  Letters are limited to 300 words or fewer.  All submissions must include the author’s name and location.  Opinions expressed are those of the authors.

Regarding ‘Diversity Enriches Our Society’

I was surprised and rather dismayed reading this article in the February E-Forum, which I thought was supposed to concern itself with blind people and their issues, rather than pushing a political agenda. I’d like to think that the vast majority of blind people judge others based on what kind of a person they are, as Martin Luther King said, on the basis of character, rather than anything else. If anyone is angry it’s because of political correctness being shoved at us from every conceivable direction. Of course, as humans, we all want the same things. But it gets really maddening when one is at a job, and you hear how there has to be a certain amount of this or that nationality recognized for promotion purposes, rather than getting on merit; that standards have to be lowered to be inclusive, rather than people being made to care enough to bother to raise their level; to not consider that other countries have their own borders, language, and culture, which they enforce, and that to maintain our national sovereignty we have the right to enforce the same, and to insist that people entering our country do so legally.  Diversity can be strength, but not if multiculturalism excludes a nation’s people having common values as one people rather than not having common ground so as to be fractured by the manipulations of identity politics, which will only cause future strife.
My opinions are more than you would typically be concerned with. The point is that this magazine is supposed to be about blind people and their issues and how we can deal with them. Political indoctrination can come from elsewhere.
— Kathy Brandt, Laurel, MD