July 17, 2010, Post Convention Board Meeting Minutes

Post Convention Board Meeting July 17

The post convention meeting of the Board of Directors of the American Council of the Blind, held at the Downtown Phoenix Sheraton Hotel, Phoenix AZ, began at 10:00 a.m. At the call of the roll, the following Board members were present: Pomerantz, Charlson, Dillon, Lieberg, Godino, Gray, Campbell, Colley, Farrow, Garrett, Keith, Peterson, Thom and Trott. Dickelman and Holliday had excused absences. Paul Edwards represented the Board of Publication for this meeting, and announced that Jenine Stanley will serve in that capacity for the coming year. Staff present were Brunson and Waters.

Trott moved and Lieberg seconded adoption of the agenda and that motion carried.

Resolutions Prioritization: Jeff Thom

1001 APS Resolution Priority 2 but will become a 1 when NPRM is issued

1002 History of Disability Rights priority 2

1003 HR 3101 Priority 1

1004 Bus stop announcements priority 2

1005 public transit increase request priority 2

1007 museums priority 2

1008 ADA Anniversary priority 1

1009 Withdrawn

1010 IRS Priority 2

1011 entertainment industry priority 3

1012 accessibility to Google products priority 2

1013 high school exit testing priority 2

1014 immigration law defeated

1015 QVC priority 2

1016 charter schools priority 2

1017 commending apple pixar and WGBH for their work with audio description priority 1

1018 Braille manuals priority 2

1019 Microsoft accessibility priority 2

1020 Sprint priority 1 (Brunson will send a copy of this resolution to Sprint's attorney)

1021 Facebook priority 2

1022 multi disabled research guidelines priority 2

four Thank you resolutions are priority 1.

Campbell moved acceptance of these resolutions and their prioritizations as amended; Garrett seconded and the motion carried.

Convention Committee Report, Carla Ruschival. Ruschival opened the floor for questions by the Board. Q: number of convention attendees? a: Totals are not yet available, since registration figures do not count every attendee. However, based on available indicators at this time, attendance was average of size. q: Is there a way to more closely monitor the audio systems for future conventions? a: Ruschival worked with the representative from the company providing audio to repair our issues. Are we getting better rates for conventions which are held during the week after the 4th of July? a: The flexibility of choosing either week sometimes makes it possible for us to receive bids from venues we would otherwise miss.

Other discussion included the guide dog relief area, the one-day pass and issues with tour bus drivers not knowing their route. Thom asked if, since our data collection is more refined, at some point key data such as registration figures, numbers of vendors, etc. could be made available a couple of months after each convention. Ruschival responded that with the new registration system, this would be possible.

Waters reported that the one-day pass brought in 100 people this year. Ruschival suggested this program could be used as a PR tool as well.

Other discussion included ensuring appropriate space for attendees in wheelchairs, and providing information regarding the location of microphones in the meeting hall.

Gray moved acceptance of the convention coordinator report, Lieberg seconded and that motion carried.

ACBES Michael Garrett. All stores are holding their own, given the economic conditions in which they currently exist. The Louisville and Knoxville stores have been relocated. The Amarillo store has a fabulous donation base which often exceeds that store's need and allows for shipment of goods to other stores for their use. The Detroit store is very close to breaking even; the Louisville store is now managed by an experienced thrift store manager and is expected to turn around by the end of the year. Garrett and Waters continue to meet individually with each store manager to discuss how sales can be improved and to examine where each store is based on its projections for the year. Edwards moved acceptance of the ACBES report, the motion was seconded by many and the report was accepted.

Raffle and Walk-a-thon, Brenda Dillon. Dillon asked for any ideas from the Board on additional ways the raffle could be publicized. She indicated the proceeds this year were as expected, based on the economy. She expects that the walk will total around $20,000 this year. There was discussion of the silent auction; Board members stated that other members approached them asking why there was no silent auction this year. Pomerantz indicated that he would like to see the silent auction resume next year. After Board members had the opportunity to provide input regarding the auction and the walk such as future locations, alternating the day of the walk so that it does not always occur on Saturday, etc., Lieberg moved and Gray seconded acceptance of this report and that motion carried.

Convention-based leadership training. Everyone agrees leadership training is important; however, the cost is an issue. There followed some discussion about setting up a training day, perhaps the Friday before convention. It was felt by several Board members that an idea such as a training day could be funded. After discussion regarding how ACB could better use and promote the concept of Leadership training among its affiliates, Pomerantz established a work group whose first task will be to develop a proposed training curriculum. This group could also make recommendations as to the appropriate day or days for scheduling this event. The work group consists of Berl Colley, Chair, Ray Campbell and Marsha Farrow. A preliminary report from this work group will be given at the fall Board meeting. Colley requested that Godino be added to this work group, Godino agreed. Lieberg moved and Garrett seconded the establishment of a Leadership Training Task Force, consisting of Colley, Campbell, Farrow and Godino; that motion carried.

Officer Liaisons. Each officer reported briefly on the committees they oversee. Pomerantz will be speaking with each officer and each committee chair and while he is not minded to make many changes mid term, he is eager to identify where changes need to be made and will make appropriate changes. During her discussion of the Membership Committee, Dillon advised that Ardis Bazyn, Committee Chair, would like the Board to consider offering two Affiliate Growth Awards; one would be based on percentage which would assist smaller affiliates, and the other would be based on actual numbers of new members.

Gray moved acceptance of this report; Campbell seconded that motion and the motion carried.

Brunson advised that the Randolph Sheppard Vendors Association called her to their luncheon during convention week requesting that she accept on behalf of ACB, its officers and directors, the Durward K McDaniel Award. This annual award is given to thank those who show a commitment to the Randolph Sheppard Program. The award will be hung in the Arlington, VA office.

A motion to adjourn carried at 1:20 PM.

Marlaina Lieberg

Submitted September 8, 2010
Approved September 22, 2010