Letter to the Editor

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** Thank You!
Thanks for a couple of what I think are the best articles I've read in awhile -- the one about pedestrian safety that was in the December issue, and the one in the January issue written by Elisa Busch, about giving out her Social Security information.
As to pedestrian safety, regrettably it won't help dumb drivers.
I am a high partial -- the only usable vision I have is good, but it's only in one eye, and is tunnel vision. Also, I wear hearing aids for a moderate to moderately severe hearing loss, which is an added disadvantage. I was downtown one day, and usually cross a street with the light, which I was doing. But some fool ran the red light. I didn't get hit, but it was close.
I have been unable to attend but one national convention - Jacksonville, Fla. a few years ago. Last June, I got to attend my first national convention of the Hearing Loss Association of America, which was held in Arlington, Va. I rode Amtrak from Birmingham, Ala., to Washington, D.C. And for the first time, I also rode the Metro to the stop nearest the hotel, though I did have to ask for help because of my sight. It was scary but I think I could do it again if necessary.
-- Netagene Kirkpatrick, Birmingham, Ala.