Affiliates: Putting ACB into ACB Radio!

Jeff Bishop said, “We’re putting ACB back into ACB Radio.” 
How do we do this? By calling on the heart of our ACB membership, our affiliates, to participate!
A new chapter in ACB Radio began with the call to our affiliates to record holiday greetings to ring in 2016. What a grand way to roll in 2016 with the cacophony of voices throughout ACB, taking the time, putting forth the energy to record holiday greetings!
ACB Radio, with its now 7 streams, is begging to be utilized and enjoyed to its maximum potential. While it is and has been radio for 16 years, it is here for a specific purpose, that being to bring forth the voices of ACB!
Imagine a new listener, or the unfortunately still-isolated blind person, tuning in and hearing even one aspect, let alone numerous benefits of all that ACB has to offer. Community, resources, solutions, advocacy, new opportunities aplenty! From the day-to-day struggles to advocacy milestones, it is heartwarming to tune in and hear. Whether from across the nation or in one’s own neighborhood, our stories and our voices go a long way to remind us that none of us is ever alone.
Affiliates In Action
Beginning this month, we’re launching a new show: Affiliates In Action.
Each month, we will have one state and one special-interest affiliate presenting, along with an ACB officer or board member. This is your chance to shine. What can we learn of your purpose, your strengths and resources? What are some of your activities and/or projects? This is an opportunity for you to brag about some of your triumphs while simultaneously gaining new members who just happen to be listening to you on ACB Radio. What would you like us to know about who you are, as individuals and as a group?
We will provide you a set of questions before we meet with you to record the show. We hope to create with you, via this new show, a promo about your affiliate. What are the potential benefits? Increased membership for your affiliate, and an increase in listenership to ACB Radio!
This is a huge project, one which will take all of us together to make it work. We look forward to being in touch with you soon!