June 9, 2014 ACB Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

The American Council of the Blind (ACB) Board of Directors met by conference call on Monday, June 9, 2014.  President Kim Charlson called the meeting to order at 7:03 p.m. central time.  At the call of the roll, the following board members were present:  Kim Charlson, Jeff Thom, Marlaina Lieberg, Ray Campbell, Carla Ruschival, Mitch Pomerantz, Berl Colley, Sara Conrad, Janet Dickelman, Michael Garret, George Holliday, John McCann, Allan Peterson, Patrick Sheehan, Dan Spoone and David Trott.  Board of Publications Representative Denise Colley was present.  Staff present: Melanie Brunson, ACB Executive Director, and Lane Waters, ACB Controller.
President Charlson reviewed the agenda.  Campbell asked that an item be added to ratify the email vote taken regarding ACB’s ATM machine and revenue, this was added to the end of the Budget Committee report.  Spoone asked that an informational ACB Angels Memorial Giving Update b added, this was placed before adjournment.  Lieberg moved and Trott seconded adoption of the agenda as amended, the motion carried.
The minutes of the February 21, 2014 Board of Directors meeting were presented by ACB Secretary Ray Campbell.  McCann moved and Pomerantz seconded adoption of these minutes, the motion carried.
The budget committee report and recommendations were presented by ACB Treasurer Carla Ruschival and ACB Controller Lane Waters.  Campbell moved and Peterson seconded the committee recommendation to put $21,000 of proceeds from a recently received bequest into ACB’s general fund, with the remainder being invested in the reserve fund.  The motion carried.
As the Board took up the committee recommendation regarding teleconference cost sharing with the American Foundation for the Blind (AFB), First Vice President Jeff Thom recused himself from that discussion citing potential conflict of interest due to his position as a member of the AFB Board of Trustees.  Pomerantz moved and Trott seconded the committee recommendation to remit $1,000 to AFB to help cover the cost of the March 12, 2014 Medicare Low Vision Devices Act conference call and to amend the 2014 ACB Budget to reflect this.  The motion carried.
Peterson moved and McCann seconded the committee recommendation regarding donor prospecting involving Integral Resources Incorporated (IRI).  The motion carried.
The Board moved to ratification of the email vote taken in mid May regarding the ATM machine which ACB has been receiving revenue from in Anchorage, Alaska for several years, thanks to the help of our Alaska affiliate.  Pomerantz moved and Garrett seconded the ATM Machine sale decision to Alaska Bingo as discussed and agreed to in previous email.  The motion carried.
ACB Executive Director Melanie Brunson discussed implications of the revised District of Columbia (DC) non-profit corporations code to ACB.  McCann moved and Trott seconded that starting with the 2014 ACB Conference and Convention, all ACB annual Membership meetings will be conducted in accordance with Section 29-405.20(f) of the District of Columbia Non-Profit Corporations Code.  The motion carried.
Pomerantz moved and Garrett seconded that the board of directors recommend the record date for establishing voting eligibility for ACB members at the annual membership meeting shall be 30 days prior to the opening session of the annual conference and convention.  The motion carried.
President Charlson brought up a recent letter received from GDUI.  The board by consensus determined that there was no new information to share and felt that no response was required.
President Charlson discussed the need to shorten the annual ACB Conference and Convention.  General feedback and many other factors have contributed to this necessity including costs, time, travel, staffing and available people resources. She suggested, and the board agreed by consensus, that a working group consisting of representatives from the ACB Board, Special Interest and state affiliate leaders and committee and task force chairs be charged with looking at ways this could be done with at least some preliminary recommendations to be brought forward for discussion at the Fall board meeting. A proposal would then be further discussed with leaders at the 2015 President’s meeting.
Some discussion ensued regarding the Affiliate Relations Constitutional Amendment which has been circulated on the Leadership listserv. General comments were shared.
Dan Spoone next gave an update on the ACB Angels Memorial giving program.  Basically, it involves providing an opportunity for people to pay tribute to individuals by donating a significant sum of money and sharing a tribute page.  Dan indicated the Resource Development Committee would bring an official proposal on this to the Pre-Convention Board meeting.
Mitch informed the board that the current members of the ACB Advisory Board will be joining us during the pre-convention board meeting, and that plans are in the works to host them for a dinner and conduct a face to face meeting with them.
There being no further business, McCann moved and Lieberg seconded that the meeting be adjourned.  The motion carried, and the meeting adjourned at 9:41 p.m. central time.
Ray Campbell,
Date submitted: 6/30/2014
Date approved: 7/12/2014