Letter to the Editor

The contents of this column reflect the letters we had received by the time we went to press, May 13, 2013.  Letters are limited to 300 words or fewer.  All submissions must include the author's name and location.  Opinions expressed are those of the authors.

Difficulties with Stratus

I purchased a Victor Reader Stratus. After using for a while it began intermittently to not remember its place in the music and talking book folders when changing to another folder or turning it off. The software also "froze" when using the 0 key to get information. I made several calls to Humanware tech support and tried several things which did not solve the problem. They finally agreed to have it returned to them for repair. They could not duplicate the problem and returned another used unit that had the same problems. Since this problem has not been satisfactorily resolved, I would strongly advise everyone not to buy a Stratus.  I am extremely displeased with Humanware's customer service.
- Ernest and Cheryl Heyborne, Cedar City, UT