A New Year's Resolution You Can Easily Keep, by Ray Campbell

by Ray Campbell

By now, the holiday season is a distant memory. Family and friends have come and gone, the leftovers have long since been eaten, and the decorations taken down and put in storage for another year. Perhaps you have made some New Year's resolutions, and chances are you've already broken at least one of them. 

There is one resolution that it's not too late to make, one that is easy to keep. That is to join ACB's Monthly Monetary Support (MMS) program, or increase your donation amount. 

By resolving now to contribute through MMS, you will be helping ACB increase its revenue so we can reliably budget for all the things ACB needs and wants to do. Remember how euphoric you felt when you heard that the 21st Century Telecommunications and Video Accessibility Act was signed into law? Our work is not nearly done there yet and ACB needs resources so we can make sure that legislation is implemented properly. 

Joining MMS couldn't be easier. You can either contact the ACB national office at 1-800-424-8666 to request an enrollment form or get help completing one, or go online to www.acb.org and complete one there. You use the same form whether you are joining the program for the first time or making a change in your contribution amount. Contributions can be deducted either from a checking or savings account or charged to a credit card. You decide how much to contribute, whether you want to change this amount, or if you want to stop contributing. Watch "The Braille Forum" and other ACB information channels for announcements about incentives for joining MMS or increasing your contributions by at least $5 a month. And you can designate up to 50 percent of your contributions to go to a state or special-interest affiliate of your choice. 

So, take a break from the struggle to keep other New Year's resolutions and make the resolution that's easy to keep. Sign up for MMS today, or increase your amount and help lead ACB into a brighter future. If you have questions about the MMS program, contact MMS committee chairman Ron Milliman at (270) 782-9325 or rmilliman@insightbb.com.