Fundraising for ACB Activities Including the National Convention

Compiled by: Ardis Bazyn
Our focus call was on the topic “Fundraising for ACB activities including ACB conventions”. While we discussed fundraising, other strategies for saving money at conventions were also given. I’ve broken the various ideas into three segments: fundraising, saving tips, and affiliate incentives and perks to help members attend events.
Fundraising Earmarked for Activities or Conventions

  • Bake sales
  • Yard sale
  • Sponsorships for meals or hotel stipends
  • Lions Club donating some meals
  • Local restaurants providing a free breakfast or lunch
  • Hotel having specials for each meal
  • Sponsors for spaghetti dinners and other functions
  • Discounted Pizza for meetings
  • Donated meeting space
  • Chat lines where members contribute for fundraising
  • Wal-Mart community grant
  • Nonprofit days- profit-sharing for participating organizations
  • Pepsi grants- vote for your nonprofit
  • Bob’s Big Boy- vote for funds
  • “Dining in the Dark” prepping at home and food donated or Catered for less funds but less work
  • Auctions after convention banquet
  • Raffles
  • Donations from Frito-Lay, Coke, etc.

Tips for Saving Money at Conferences

  • Sharing rooms
  • Buying groceries
  • Bringing Nutritious Snacks to save on meals (peanut butter and cheese with crackers, granola bars
  • Signing up for Parra transit
  • Adopt buddy
  • Share rides with others
  • Use train instead of plane

 Assistance from Affiliates

  • Providing transportation (buses or vans) for members (Gives rides to mall, to activities, etc.)
  • Renting vans or buses at reduced cost for members- provide discounted transportation ($25 for bus)
  • Subsidize taxis for local meetings
  • Give stipend for transportation to conventions
  • Providing stipends to all members attending
  • Providing stipends or full costs for first-timers
  • Selling discounted meal tickets for state conventions
  • Subsidizing meals
  • Selling discounted meal tickets for purchasing more meals
  • Quick lunch line with less expensive choices

Free Activities During Conventions

  • Free described movie
  • Free game night
  • Free lunch
  • Free socials or mixers (alcoholic drinks low fee)
  • Free bingo or Bunco night- inexpensive prizes donated by chapters and members

Most on the call felt that convention Preregistration forms should ask if a first-timer would like a buddy for contact purposes during the convention. It was also suggested that times could be arranged for people to meet at a restaurant to meet people. If you would like more membership assistance, contact Ardis Bazyn, ACB Membership Committee Chair.