Major Changes and The Braille Forum

by Jenine Stanley

The past year has been very good for the American Council of the Blind in terms of accomplishments. However, it has not been a good year financially. The board of directors, at a board teleconference in December, adopted a budget which makes significant cuts to "The Braille Forum." 

We do not yet know how many issues we will publish in 2011. 

After the next issue, we will no longer make "The Braille Forum" available to non-members of ACB in hard copy unless they have paid for a yearly subscription. If you are not a current member, either at large or of an affiliate, and would like to continue to receive "The Braille Forum" in the hard copy format of your choice, you have the following options. 

Subscribe for one year by sending a payment of $25 to the address in the front of this issue, marked "Attention: Sharon Lovering." 

Join one of our many state, local or special-interest affiliates. Dues vary. Information is available on our web site,

You can also subscribe to the Forum via e-mail at no cost. Just send a note to Sharon Lovering before March 31 at

There will be another announcement next issue, but act now to continue to receive our magazine.