ACB Gears Up For Officer Elections in July

In 2011, ACB members will elect five officers at the annual conference and convention in Reno: president, first vice president, second vice president, secretary, and treasurer. President Mitch Pomerantz, first vice president Kim Charlson, second vice president Brenda Dillon, and secretary Marlaina Lieberg have completed two terms of office and are eligible for one more two-year term. Because treasurer Mike Godino is finishing his third and final term, he is not eligible for re-election. (Members of the board of directors are elected in even-numbered years.) All ACB members in good standing are welcome to run for office. 

Throughout convention week, candidates will present themselves at formal and informal state and special-interest caucuses. In addition, the board of publications will sponsor a live question-and-answer Candidates' Forum, which will be held on Thursday evening, just prior to Friday's elections. The BOP encourages all ACB members to submit written questions to be considered for this forum to the convention communications center. More details about this and other aspects of communications center operations will be included in the June issue. 

In recent years, the BOP has hosted a candidates' page on the ACB web site. Unfortunately, this resource was not widely used by prospective candidates last year. Therefore, after considerable discussion, the BOP made the difficult decision not to provide a candidates' page this year. The BOP will host this page in the future when sufficient interest is generated.