ACB Radio is a Beacon for Blind People Around the World

Dear Friend of ACB,

“ACB radio is a great outlet for sharing feelings about being blind. I am incredibly touched and inspired when I hear programs that deal with how blind people meet and beat life’s challenges. From cooking to traveling, it’s all talked about on ACB Radio. If it wasn’t for ACB Radio, my life would be so isolated and depressing!” - Malissa H.
Malissa was born in Gulfport, Mississippi in 1983. Blind from birth, Malissa has always enjoyed listening to the radio and from the time she was a child, she dreamed that one day she would be an on-air personality. “The on-air personalities are so kind, and I love listening to the ACB Radio Cafe—all blind musicians all the time.”
ACB Radio went on the air in 1999, as a way for people with vision loss to connect to each other, to access news, information and entertainment tailored to their needs. ACB Radio streams internet radio programming offering accessible and relevant information and entertainment to people who are blind—from people who are blind. It also offers inspirational and confidence-building success stories that connect people who are blind, as well as a distribution channel for musicians and performers who are blind. It broadcasts round-the-clock each day, 365 days a year.
Over the past year, via its six streams, ACB Radio had nearly 3,000 listeners, 18,000 website hits, and over 10,000 downloaded programs. Exceptionally lean, ACB Radio relies on the commitment and passion of over forty volunteer broadcasters who create, produce, and broadcast a wide variety of programming, with only one staff member serving as the General Manager. Programs produced by blind people for the benefit of blind people!
However, this critical resource to individuals impacted by vision loss worldwide is threatened by a financial crisis and without the help of friends like you, may very well be forced off the air! “ACB radio is a beacon for blind people around the world. I would be heartbroken if it ever went away and I extend my personal plea to our donors to not let that happen!”, says Malissa.
ACB needs you now! With a gift today, your generous support will insure that ACB Radio is there for those who need it in the years to come, so the Malissa’s of tomorrow will have the same resources to lead a productive and independent life! Your gift of $25, $50, $100 or whatever you can manage will help keep ACB Radio on the air, today and in the future!
Since 1961, through education and advocacy, the American Council of the Blind (ACB) has worked tirelessly to insure that people who experience visual impairments, like Malissa, have access to the tools they need to be successful.
Please join me with your gift today and commit to the future of blind and visually impaired individuals. Thank you.

Kim Charlson

P.S.    Help us make a difference! Your gift today will ensure that those living with vision loss throughout the world will have access to the information they need to live independent and fulfilling lives!