And the Winners Are …

by Kathy Brockman

By now all who attended the 50th annual conference and convention in Reno are settled back into their daily routines. This was a historic convention as we celebrated our accomplishments. The theme was: ACB in the Silver State, Golden Past - Diamond Future. What a golden past it has been! What a great diamond future lies ahead!

A good, solid future takes much work and effort from staff, leaders, committees and you – our ACB members. Each of us brings unique talents and ideas to the table. But all organizations need something else to survive – funding. There were a number of very successful fund-raisers during the July conference and convention. You will probably read more about them in this and upcoming issues. One of these was the MMS (Monthly Monetary Support) program. Thanks to everyone who stepped up to the plate and contributed to ACB's continued success through MMS! There are 54 in total, and our deepest appreciation goes out to all of you!

  1. Michael Alvarez
  2. Terrie Arnold
  3. Becky Barnes
  4. Beth Berenson
  5. Nathan Brannon
  6. Ann Brash
  7. Tom Burgunder
  8. Carolyn Mae Burley
  9. Mark Burns
  10. Marla Chorney
  11. James & Carolyn Coby
  12. Berl & Denise Colley
  13. Edward & Christy Crespin
  14. Josephine DeFini
  15. Lynn Doiron
  16. Lisa Drzewucki
  17. Harry Epstein
  18. Carol Ewing
  19. Darian Slayton Fleming
  20. Al Gil
  21. Connie Gil
  22. Michael Golfo
  23. Mary Haroyan
  24. John Huffman
  25. Richard & Darlene Johnson
  26. Martin Kuhn
  27. Bob Lichtenfels
  28. Robert & Ottilie Lucas
  29. Marilyn Lutter
  30. Jean Marcley-Hayes
  31. Anne Mauro
  32. Rose Mauro
  33. Craig & Maria McCully
  34. Glenn McCully
  35. DeAnna Noriega
  36. Peter Pardini
  37. Ann Pitsenbarger
  38. Anna Porter
  39. Teddie-Joy Remhild
  40. Carl Richardson
  41. Sherryl Rissi
  42. Alice Ritchhart
  43. Stuart Russell
  44. Deanna Scoggins
  45. Donna Seliger
  46. Joseph Sibley
  47. Naomi Soule
  48. Dan & Leslie Spoone
  49. Dorothy Taylor
  50. Leslie & Jeff Thom
  51. Penny Verity
  52. Sue Wesley
  53. Suzanne Whalen

Thanks to all of you, we achieved our convention goals. We held daily drawings at convention; members who signed up or increased their contribution by at least $5 per month were eligible to participate. Gift certificates and cards worth up to $95 were awarded each day. The winners of these daily drawings were Stuart Russell, DeAnna Noriega, Denise Colley, and James & Carolyn Coby.

In addition, all of our new MMS Program participants or those members who increased their contributions by at least $5 per month from the end of our conference in Phoenix through the conclusion of our conference in Reno were placed into our grand prize drawing for the Touch Memo. And the winner of the big prize is Richard & Darlene Johnson from Wisconsin!

Congratulations to all of our winners. We love winners, and when you think about it, everyone who participates in the ACB Monthly Monetary Support Program is a winner!

If you are not currently a member of the MMS Program, we encourage you to participate. You designate an amount to be withheld from a checking or charge account. Our average monthly contribution is approximately $22.50, with amounts ranging from $10 to as much as $125 per month, but every dollar counts. To get started, contact our financial office at 1-800-866-3242 or visit ACB's web site,, for further details. Up to one-half of the monthly contribution can be designated for your state or special-interest affiliate. This helps out two organizations with a single monthly contribution: our 2-for-1 MMS Program! Thanks again for your support!