Transportation Committee

Alice Ritchhart, GA, Chair
(912) 996-4213
Christopher Bell, MN
Ron Brooks, AZ
Jesus Garcia, FL
Lynne Koral, AK
Ellen Nolan, NM
Allan Peterson, ND
Donna Smith, VA
Cindi Vega, UT
Board Liaison: Patrick Sheehan, MD
Staff Liaison: Anthony (Tony) Stephens

Mission of the ACB Transportation Committee

It is the mission of the ACB Transportation Committee to assist the ACB, its state and special interest affiliates, local ACB chapters and members to maximize access to and the accessibility of all types of transportation, including public transit and paratransit, inter-city transportation (including bus and rail transportation) and any other types of transportation which may increase the mobility, independence and quality of life for blind and visually impaired people.

Our Vision

The following represents our vision for the ACB's transportation advocacy efforts on behalf of people who are blind or visually impaired, and the achievement of this vision will guide our decisions and actions.
We envision:

  • An organization whose chapters, affiliates and members possess a high degree of knowledge about and understanding of the legal, political, societal and practical considerations which impact the availability, accessibility and quality of transportation ;
  • An organization whose chapters, affiliates and members are ready, able and willing to advocate effectively for the best transportation resources possible in urban, and rural arenas;
  • An organization whose members are viewed as effective spokespeople for the transportation needs of blind and visually impaired Americans as well as other individuals who depend on transportation programs and services provided for the public good; and
  • An organization whose chapters, affiliates and members are able to work with other constituencies, including transportation providers, political leaders and policy makers, people of influence within the business community and other stakeholders, for positive outcomes in the transportation arena.

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