Sight and Sound Impaired Committee

Karyn Campbell, IL, Chair
(630) 469-0545
Phyllis Burson, MD
Larry Johnson, TX
Carl Richardson, MA
Lori Scharff, NY
Board Liaison: Dan Spoone, FL
Staff Liaison: Eric Bridges, VA

The Sight And Sound Impaired (SASI) Committee strives to bring awareness of issues affecting people with all degrees of combined vision and hearing loss to the forefront. This is done through program sessions during the annual ACB Conference and Convention. Promoting bi-cultural respect and understanding of individuals using various forms of communication; American Sign Language, Print on Palm, Rochester, FM system, to name a few. The committee also advises ACB on the needs of consumers who are deaf-blind relating to:

  • Communication needs;
  • Barriers faced by individuals with combined vision and hearing loss while in the community;
  • The impact of legislation as it relates to the diverse and complex needs of individuals with combined vision and hearing loss.

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