The MMS Committee Wants to See You in Reno

by Jean Mann

As I write this, it’s a cold, dreary day in early April, but you’re reading it in early June and hopefully it’s warm and sunny. You’ve probably made your travel plans for the ACB conference and convention in Reno, and you may even have registered by now.
The Monthly Monetary Support (MMS) Committee hopes that one of the things you plan to do while in Reno is to stop by the MMS table in the exhibit hall and either sign up as a new contributor to the MMS program or raise the amount of the monthly donation you’re already giving.
The MMS program is just what it says it is. Every month, the amount of money you designate (a minimum of $10) is either charged to your credit card or withdrawn from your checking account as a donation in support of ACB. One hundred percent of what you donate may be given to ACB, or you may request that up to 50 percent of what you donate goes to an affiliate of your choice. 
Sign up at the convention, or increase your monthly donation by at least $5, and you’ll be entered for daily drawings with great prizes. On Thursday, some lucky person will win an Amazon Dot. And if you have joined the program or increased your donation by at least $5 during the past year (the end of convention in July 2016 through the end of convention in July 2017), your name will be entered in a drawing which will take place soon after we come home from Reno. There will be two prizes awarded, an Alexa Amazon Echo and another Amazon Dot.
So if you’re in Reno, look for the MMS table in the exhibit hall. We’ll help you fill out the necessary forms or answer any questions you might have. And we might even have a little treat for you just for stopping by.
Can’t make the convention but would like to contribute to ACB through the MMS program? No problem! There are two simple ways for you to get started. You can visit ACB’s website,, tab to the Donate Now button, and then tab to the MMS program. Or you can call Lori Sarff in the Minnesota office at (612) 332-3242, or email her at Either way, it’s easy to begin making monthly contributions, or increase current ones.
See you in Reno!