Leaving a Legacy of Value

by Allen Casey

Most of us aspire to a successful career often measured by a rewarding job, a stable family life and an accumulation of assets to support our retirement years.  At some point, we contemplate our legacy to family, friends, and perhaps organizations which touched our lives.
This latter point is especially significant to me.  I can say without reservation that no organization has affected my life more than the American Council of the Blind (ACB).  When I lost much of my sight at the peak of my professional career, I was introduced to ACB and the support, friendships and opportunities it freely offers to the blind and visually impaired.  While I could never repay ACB for all it has given me, at the very least I can and have included ACB as a beneficiary in my will.  If my action enables ACB to help just one person, lobby for the enactment of one accessibility regulation or heighten public awareness of the abilities and contributions of one blind or visually impaired person, then I have created a legacy of value.
Stated simply, it costs one nothing to leave something of value to ACB.