July 7, 2001, Post-Convention Board Meeting Minutes

Post-Convention Board Meeting
July 7, 2001

The meeting was called to order by President, Christopher Gray at 3:10pm in Salons F, G and H in the Marriott Hotel, Des Moines, Iowa.

Roll call was taken by Secretary, Donna Seliger. Due to a room change, there were late arrivals, however, all members were present. There were 32 guests in the room.

President Gray reviewed the agenda for the meeting. A motion was made, seconded, and carried to adopt the agenda.

The President gave a report of his expectations and ideas for ACB’s future. He appointed Mr. Sandy Sanderson as Resource Development Committee Chair and Mr. Ralph Sanders to assist.

Next, he announced that Ms. Pamela Shaw will chair the Membership Committee. This committee was given the task of sending a report to the Board by September 1 with status and plans to assist all affiliates not seated and/or voted at the 2001 convention. In addition, there should be an action plan for re-chartering and re-establishing those affiliates removed from the roles of ACB on Sunday, July 1, 2001. The committee was urged to send letters and questionnaires to all affiliates to determine their present state and possible future needs.

Mrs. Kathleen Megivern will chair the Board of Publications and Mr. Adrian DeBlaey will serve.

President Gray stated he would like to have a second magazine for ACB. This publication is for outreach and fundraising. Discussion of the project will probably occur at the September meeting.

The last item in the report dealt with transition of the presidents and President Gray made it clear that he and the Executive Director would work together to establish balance and reorientation.

It was moved, seconded and carried to accept the President’s report.

Mr. LeRoy Saunders, chair of the Convention Committee reported to the Board an overview of the convention and indicated more and more breakout rooms are being used each year. Mr. Saunders stated that $85 room rate and 14 percent charges may become a problem in the future. He went on to thank Mr. Edwards, Mr. Crawford and the Office Staff for involvement with the convention. He concluded by saying that the convention office, press room and registration office should be run more professionally in the future.

Mr. Paul Edwards stated that he thought the established committees should continue for at least the next eight weeks to finish projects currently underway.

Mr. Saunders’ report was approved unanimously.

Mr. Oral Miller gave a report from the Endorsement Committee. Over the years, ACB has been asked to endorse products or services passively and actively. ACB must be sure of the exact terms of any agreement so as not to tie our hands. Such arrangements would have to be made by an audit committee who felt it would be worthwhile. An example of a talking ATM being endorsed by ACB was discussed. A written report was prepared by Mr. Charlie Crawford. Copies will be distributed to the Board. It was moved, seconded and carried to accept the report given by Mr. Miller.

A recommendation was made to give a full report of the Endorsement Committee at the September Board meeting. Mr. Miller estimated it could take from 45 minutes to one hour to conclude the report.

At this point, Ms. Debbie Grubb agreed to keep a “To Do” list for the meeting.

The next item of business was election of the Budget Committee. Ms. Ardis Bazyn, Mr. Brian Charlson and Mr. Sandy Sanderson were elected.

Members of the Executive Committee were selected. The Officers chose Mr. Paul Edwards and Mr. Steve Speicher. The Directors chose Mr. Oral O. Miller and Mr. Mitch Pomerantz.

Following the election of the Executive Committee, there was a discussion concerning voting procedures. President Gray suggested there might be a criteria for internal board elections/voting i.e. Executive Committee, Budget Committee and ACBES in the future. A motion was moved and seconded to set voting procedures. The motion passed unanimously.

Dr. Ed Bradley, Mr. Brian Charlson and Mrs. Donna Seliger volunteered to serve on the ad hoc committee which will report back to the board at the September meeting.

Mr. Sanford Alexander reported to the Board that a total of 29 resolutions were handled by the Resolutions Committee which was chaired by Mr. Michael Byington. Of those, one failed, one was referred to the Board and two were combined.

Each resolution was given a priority code:

1. Handle Monday or shortly thereafter.

2. Issues considered to be significant in importance but are not time sensitive.

3. The resolution reflects action that has taken place, is ongoing or is significantly less time sensitive. (Krista Merritt took notes on the priority schedule of resolutions.)

The resolution on voting access called for a task force to be formed. This task force will consist of one person from Environmental Access; one person from Information Access; three people appointed by the President; a chair to be elected from among the Board of Directors and to be included Director of Advocacy Services and Governmental Affairs as a voting member.

President Gray stated that he would accept names later of those wishing to serve on the Task Force.

A motion was made and seconded to accept the resolution prioritization report. The motion passed.

Mr. Jerry Annunzio stated the chair of the Logo Committee was Miss Cynthia Towers with members Ms. Penny Reeder and Mrs. Kim Charlson. Ms. Reeder reported that she has a folder with several samples that have been collected over the years. The new Logo Committee will consist of Mr. Jerry Annunzio, chair; Mr. Mitch Pomerantz; Ms. Ardis Bazyn; Ms. Penny Reeder and Mrs. Kathy Megivern. President Gray asked that the committee report back to the Board at the September meeting.

The next item of business was the September board meeting. Three locations were suggested: Aladdin Hotel in Kansas city; Albuquerque, New Mexico to support the New Mexico affiliate and Ramada Airport in Chicago. The general consensus of the group was to look into going to Albuquerque.

Dr. Ed Bradley moved the September Board meeting be held in Albuquerque with additional activities to support the New Mexico affiliate. The motion was seconded.

After further discussion of the activities and dates, the following topics were suggested: To have a membership meeting; to have a seminar on Social Security and fund raising ideas. The motion passed.

The weekend of the 22nd of September seemed to be the best for everyone to hold the fall board meeting. The motion was seconded and carried.

President Gray asked that anyone interested in working on programming for the September weekend should let him know later in the evening.

Mr. Charlie Crawford asked that the committee confer with a staff member at the National Office regarding the meetings.

Old Business:

President Gray stated he would review all committees and appoint new ones. He also stated committees working on current projects should finish them.

Mr. Annunzio asked about having a copy of the convention report made by Mr. Saunders. The President said that the report would be distributed to the Board, however, he will delete any sensitive information.

Dr. Bradley asked that he not receive any materials in Braille.

The subject of grab bars and other safety issues in the bathroom were brought to the attention of the Board, and will be forwarded onto the Convention Committee.

New Business:

Mr. Pomerantz stated the Government Employees group had had a round table discussion about employment and he felt a need for an ongoing dialogue and policies. He recommended that an employment task force be established and run for no more than three years with a workshop on employment to be held in Houston and sponsored by the ACBGE.

President Gray said he would consider the recommendation as a motion, which was seconded. Mr. Pomerantz indicated he would discuss with the President who might serve on the task force. The motion passed.

Mr. Pomerantz agreed to write a mission statement and goals for the task force for consideration by the Board.

Ms. Pam Shaw stated she was concerned about some of the invocations given at the convention. Mr. Edwards stated the local person in charge of invocations was aware that ACB members come from a wide variety of denominations and that the invocation should be kept brief. However, that doesn’t always happen.

Dr. Bradley asked about dates for the mid-year board meeting in Houston. Mr. Edwards thought the meeting would be held in February, but no one knew the specific dates.

Mr. Sanderson suggested that perhaps some of the committees could meet during mid-year and that meeting rooms be available for such meetings.

Mr. Crawford suggested the chair of the Budget Committee confer with Mr. Jim Olsen regarding the cost effectiveness of this meeting place.

Ms. Lynne Koral said the Alaska affiliate had 21 votes, however, the Credentials Committee gave them only 20 at the convention. The President suggested Ms. Koral contact the chair of the Credentials Committee on the matter.

A motion was moved and seconded to adjourn. The motion passed and the meeting was adjourned at 6:25pm.

Respectfully Submitted,
Donna Seliger, Secretary