July 12, 2008, Post-convention Board Meeting Minutes

American Council of the Blind,
2008 Post-Convention Meeting of the ACB Board of Directors

The Post-convention Board Meeting of the American Council of the Blind, held at the Galt House Hotel in Louisville, Kentucky, was called to order at 10:05 a.m. Eastern Time on July 12, 2008. Board members present at the call of the roll were Pomerantz, Charlson, Dillon, Lieberg, Godino, Gray, Campbell, Colley, Edwards, Farrow, Garrett, Keith, Ruschival, Sheehan, Thom, Trott, and Vloedman. Staff present was Brunson, Waters, Bridges, Cochrane, and Wilson.

Mr. Pomerantz Reviewed the agenda; Mr. Campbell moved acceptance of the agenda, the motion carried.

Reasonable Accommodation Policy, Carla Ruschival. Ms. Ruschival reported that she has a working draft, but three affiliates, CCLVI, SASI, and GDUI wish to make input to the draft. She will report further at the Fall Board Meeting. Mr. Gray moved acceptance of the Reasonable Accommodation report, and that motion carried. Pomerantz indicated we would discuss this at the Fall Board Meeting.

Mr. Pomerantz next welcomed new Board members, Colley, Farrow, Garrett and Edwards; Edwards will serve as the Board of Publications representative to the ACB Board and will be an Ex Officio member. He next congratulated Ms. Keith on being elected to another term on the Board.

Convention Report, Carla Ruschival. Ms. Ruschival responded to various questions from the Board. Mr. Edwards moved that this Board indicate that in the future life members will receive a ribbon for their convention badge, and the motion carried. The Convention Committee will look at other situations when ribbons may be offered. Ms. Keith raised the issue of the location of the Speakers Reception, held each night of Convention. Ms. Charlson raised the question of safety while Boarding the evening’s riverboat cruise, and Ms. Ruschival reminded the Board that GDUI’s riverboat cruise, where a participant fell into the water, was not an ACB function, and did not use ACB volunteers. Mr. Edwards asked that the Convention Committee consider the removal of a person’s name from the door prize container once they’ve won.

Future Conventions. Room rates for next year in Orlando are $83 per night. The 2010 site is ready and Ms. Ruschival will be visiting the site in October. The 2010 venue has requested that we consider either having the convention the last week in June or the second week in July. The sense of the Board was that we would be fine with moving the convention to a week later. Mr. Gray recommended that the Convention Committee have the flexibility to determine the dates of future Conventions depending upon best room rates. Mr. Trott moved acceptance of the Convention Committee Report and the motion carried.

Ms. Lieberg moved that the Board recess to executive session at 11:38 a.m. and the motion carried. Present in the session were Alice Richheart and Becky Floyd of GDUI.

The meeting returned to open session at 12:35 PM.

Mr. Pomerantz reported that in executive session, a motion was made that the president be authorized to request a meeting with the Board of GDUI regarding a situation that we are concerned about in the hopes of resolving the matter in a satisfactory manner.‘

Mr. Gray moved that the Board commend the Kentucky Council of the Blind, Bluegrass Council of the Blind and the host committee for a superb job and a wonderful 2008 convention and let them know how eager we are to return in 2012. The motion carried.

Membership, Ardis Bazyn Interest has revived in Connecticut, and membership is working closely with two or three persons in Connecticut who are willing to take on the challenge of reviving that affiliate. Ms. Bazyn reported that the Committee is still making progress in Idaho. Ms. Lieberg indicated she had some ideas to help in Idaho, and she and Ms. Bazyn will discuss those offline. Mr. Gray moved adoption of the membership committee report and that motion carried.

Prioritization of Resolutions, Judy Jackson.

08-02 Americans With Disabilities Act Blindness and Visual Impairment Priority 1

08-03 Online Distribution of RFB&D User Authentication Key Priority 2

08-04 JetBlue Priority 2

0805 Questionnaire for Presidential Candidates Priority 1

08-06 What Should Be Announced In a Fixed Route Stop Announcement Program Priority 1

08-07 Worldwide Reading Materials Priority 1

08-10 Accessibility to Sports Stadia Priority 1

08-11 Airport Kiosks Priority 2

08-12 H.R.6320 Priority 1

08-13 Quiet Cars, H.R.5734 Priority 1

08-14 Honoring Louis Braille Priority 2

08-15 Withdrawn by Maker

08-16 Nemeth Uniform Braille System Priority 1

08-17 Returned American Free Matter Materials Priority 2

08-18 Telecom and Cost Parity Priority 2

08 19 (commendation to hotel),20 (commendation to host affiliates) and 21 (commendation to volunteers) Thank You Resolutions Priority 1

Mr. Gray moved adoption of these priorities as presented by the resolutions committee chair. Edwards moved to change 08-14 from a 2 to 1 and that motion did not carry. The original motion carried.

The Mid Year Board Meeting will occur either the weekend of October 17 or November 15 in Orlando at the Rosen Center where our convention will be held next year.

Legislative Seminar. Mr. Campbell recommended that the Budget Committee look at the possibility of covering one night per affiliate for the mid year Board meeting.

Officer Liaison Reports. BOP Report, Paul Edwards. The BOP met on Sunday of Convention week and there were two issues that came out of it. Chairs of various Committees were invited to discuss implementation of 05-15, the resolution which contends there is a digital divide and that a substantial portion of our members do not have access to computers and there is a need to find ways to bring them into the digital world. Edwards reviewed a survey done by Ron Milliman, which indicated 80% of our members have computers and half of the remaining are interested in learning more. The BOP provided a workshop to involve ACB Radio to begin to involve affiliates. Campbell moved to accept this report, and the motion carried.

Ms. Lieberg requested that the Board consider appropriating money to purchase a computer which can be stored in the Minneapolis Office and shipped to convention each year for use by ACB Radio to broadcast the Convention. She will research figures to present at the Fall Board Meeting.

The meeting adjourned at 2:20 PM.

Marlaina Lieberg
Submitted: 09-17-08
Approved: 10-01-08