January 14, 2004, Board Meeting Minutes

American Council of the Blind
Board Meeting Conference Call
January 14, 2004

The meeting was called to order by President Chris Gray at 8:10pm Central Standard Time via telephone.

President Gray reviewed the agenda that he had sent to the Board: 1. Fund Raising; 2. Extension of contract for Ms. Laura Oftedahl; 3. Election to fill seat vacated by Ms. Dawn Christensen; 4. Mid-Year 2004 and 5. Matters related to the resignation of Mr. Charlie Crawford and matters relating to the pending situation with regard to Ms. Penny Reeder. 6. Mr. Charlson indicated he wanted to discuss the current status of the budget process.

Motion 1: Dr. Bradley moved to adopt the agenda as outlined above. The motion carried on a voice vote.

The roll call was taken by the secretary. Those present in addition to the Board were Mr. Jim Olsen, Ms. Laura Oftedahl and Mr. Charlie Hodge. Mr. Jerry Annunzio was absent.

Ms. Laura Oftedahl reported to the board about her fund raising activities for the organization. She is working on a number of leads. She said there are six or seven grant proposals currently being followed. She is also pursuing on convention support grants.

Ms. Oftedahl reported that the Microsoft Corporation has donated $5,000 for the convention and $3,000 for the Legislative Seminar.

In addition, Ms. Oftedahl recommended that ACB pare down its fundraising numbers and concentrate on a few good ones. She suggested ACB go after grants, planned giving and individual donations.

Motion 2: Ms. Keith moved that Ms. Oftedahl’s contract be extended at the same rate and hours beginning February 3, 2004. On a roll call vote, ten were in favor, three opposed and one absent. Those voting in the affirmative were: Ms. Bazyn, Mr. Beatty, Dr. Bradley, Ms. Keith, Mr. Miller, Mr. Pomerantz, Ms. Ruschival, Ms. Schmitt, Ms. Seliger and Mr. Sheehan. Those opposed were: Mr. Charlson, Mr. Edwards and Mr. Speicher.

President Gray discussed the vacancy on the ACB Board left by Ms. Dawn Christensen.

Mr. Charlson recommended that we leave Ms. Christensen’s seat vacant until convention. By consensus the vacancy will stand.

President Gray reported that the Mid-year agenda may be close to finalizing. Mr. Carl Augusto approached the President about a presentation at Mid-Year dealing with state agencies and involvement by ACB. Mr. Pomerantz suggested working on the Rehab Task Force paper and getting it disseminated during Mid-Year.

Mr. Charlson reported about the budget process. Due to a number of circumstances, the draft budget has been delayed until the first week in February. The Budget Committee consists of Ms. Bazyn, Mr. Sheehan and Mr. Charlson. Also serving are the President, the acting Executive Director and Mr. Olsen.

Mr. Annunzio joined the call as well as Ms. Melanie Brunson.

Motion 3: Mr. Pomerantz moved that the Board go into executive session to discuss personnel items. The motion carried on a voice vote.

President Gray stated the executive session would pertain to personnel maters.

Upon returning to the open meeting, President Gray reported that the executive session pertained to personnel matters. No action was taken by the Board. Also discussed were the Mid-Year meeting and the issue of minutes and motions.

Motion 4: Mr. Edwards moved to adjourn. The motion carried and the meeting ended at 11:05pm Central Standard Time.

Respectfully submitted,
Donna Seliger, Secretary