Hotel Information

The hotel lobby is a rectangle with smooth tile floors. In the center of the lobby is a seating area.  From the front door of the hotel walk straight to find four steps down to the seating area.  If you turn right from the front door and walk about 40 feet you will find four steps down to the hotel restaurant.

If you turn left from the front door and walk about 40 feet then turn right you will reach the front desk; if you continue walking straight instead of turning towards the front desk you will enter the conference center.  When you reach the carpet you will immediately find steps which take you in to the conference center.

To locate the guest room elevators, continue past the front desk where you will find steps or a ramp leading to the elevators.  To avoid the steps, stay close to the wall where the ramp is located.

Meeting rooms are on the 1st, 2nd, 4th and 5th floors of the hotel.  Meeting rooms can be accessed from meeting room escalators and elevators in the lobby or from the sleeping room elevators.

The hotel restaurants, Prairie Kitchen and Market Deli are located on the first floor of the Hyatt.

Below is a list of the meeting rooms we will be using during the convention.

Main Level Meeting Rooms

Nicollet Ballroom (General Sessions)
Exhibit Hall (Exhibits)
Lakeshore Ballroom, Sections A, B, and C - (Section B Registration, Section C Communications)

Second Level Meeting Rooms

Greenway Ballroom, Sections A through J
Regency Room
Skyway Room
St. Croix
North Star Ballroom

Fourth Floor Meeting Rooms

Great Lakes, Section A and B
Lake Minnetonka
Lake Calhoun
Lake Harriet
Lake Nokomis
Lake of the Isles
Cedar Lake

Fifth Floor Meeting Rooms

Lake Superior, Section A and B