Hotel Information

The Sheraton has 3 room towers; north, center and south. Convention attendees will be housed in all three towers depending on room type.

Suites holding events will be located in the center or north towers.
Room numbers in each tower end in different numbers.

  • South: room numbers that end in 1 thru 23
  • Center: room numbers that end in 31 thru 55
  • North: room numbers that end in 61 thru 87

There are several elevator bays going to various sleeping room floors in each tower.  This will make elevator travel to your room much faster; just make certain to check which elevator bay leads to your floor.  All elevator bays will have signs in braille and large print for easy identification.

The Sheraton lobby area is quite large but can be easily traveled by following a series of carpeted and tiled pathways leading to restaurants, business link, gift shop and other amenities.

When heading to the front desk there are 3 shallow steps to be aware of. The steps are not along the main corridor and you won't need to be concerned with them unless you are visiting the front desk.  The hotel will put non-skid brightly colored tape at the top of the steps.

Meeting rooms are on the 2nd and 4th floors of the hotel and the second and 3rd floor of the conference center. The conference center is accessed from the hotel through a set of double doors so it is a seamless transition from hotel to conference center.

Meeting rooms can be accessed from the second floor of all sleeping towers and from the fourth floor of the hotel from the center and north towers.
The three hotel restaurants – Peet's Coffee, The Kitchen Table and Draft's Media Sports Bar – are all located on the first floor of the Sheraton.
Below is a list of the meeting rooms we will be using and their floor location.

Hotel Second Floor:

  • Austin Ballrooms (Registration will be located in Austin Ballroom 3).
  • Pearl Rooms 1 through 5
  • Live Oak
  • Press Club
  • Atrium

Conference Center Second Floor:

  • Lone Star Ballrooms (general sessions and exhibits)
  • Lone Star Foyer (Marketplace and ACB Café)

Conference Center Third Floor:

  • Houston Ballroom
  • San Antonio Ballrooms
  • State Rooms 1 through 4

Hotel Fourth Floor:

  • City View Rooms 1 through 8
  • Remington