Hotel Information

The Galt House features friendly staff, lots of restaurants, comfortable meeting and sleeping rooms, outdoor swimming pool, fitness center, Xhale Spa, and several shops.

The Galt House has two towers joined on the third floor by a conservatory. The conservatory contains a deli, bar, various shops, seating, and a grand piano just waiting for you to play. All guests check in at the Suite Tower lobby.

Public meeting rooms are located in both towers and in an office building that adjoins the Suite Tower via skywalk or elevator. Here is a quick guide to the meeting rooms:

Rivue Tower, 2nd floor - Rose, Tulip, Daisy, Sunflower, Jasmine, Lily and Violet.

Rivue Tower, 3rd floor - Archibald/Cochran Ballroom, Dogwood, Holly, Willow, Poplar, Maple and Walnut.

Suites Tower, 1st floor - Wilkinson, Sampson and Laffoon; near Suites Tower relief area exit and near steps up to second floor.

Suites Tower, 2nd floor - Walking right from the elevators, rooms are on your left in this order: Collins, Brown, Carroll/Ford, Nunn, Breathitt, and Combs/Chandler; stairs down between Collins and Brown. After Combs/Chandler come the ACB Café, the Information and Volunteer desks, and a left turn to the ACB Marketplace, the Grand Ballroom (general session), and exhibits.

Office Tower - reach via third floor skywalk from Suites tower elevators, or by office tower elevators or escalators from the Exhibit Hall, both on the Suites tower second floor. Rooms nearer the first bank of office tower elevators include Bradley, Fields, Morrow, Stanley, Willson, Taylor, McCreary, Beckham and Jones. Rooms
closer to the second bank of office tower elevators and the Exhibit Hall escalators are Stopher, French, Segell and Coe.

Hotel information such as telephone numbers, hotel description, and room service menus will be available from the ACB/Louisville Downtown Lions Information Desk in braille, large print and electronic formats.